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People: John and Liz Scarlett, Back to the Land

A profile of John and Liz Scarlett, of Rossie. They were part of a wave of people who descended on the North Country back in the 70s when land was cheap and plentiful. These "Back to the Landers" set in motion a distinct piece of culture that has helped define the area. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

Maple Syrup Season: Quality Excellent

A tenacious winter is slowing the progress of Vermont's maple sugar season. But sugar makers say while the quantities have been small so far, the quality has been excellent. They're looking forward to forecasts this week with temperatures below freezing at night and above 40 during the day—ideal sap producing conditions. One St. Lawrence county maple sugar producer says, despite a late spring, the syrup season is going just fine. John Scarlett is a blacksmith in Rossie who also makes maple syrup each spring. He told Todd Moe the maple season can vary greatly within the same region.  Go to full article

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