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Ed Kanze watches the treeline from a bridge along the Saranac River (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Ed Kanze watches the treeline from a bridge along the Saranac River (Photo: Brian Mann)

On Earth Day, looking down, looking up and listening

Before the first Earth Day, 40 years ago, there was no Environmental Protection Agency. No Clean Water, Clean Air or Endangered Species Acts. No concerns about global warming. There was little public understanding at all of the changes humans have inflicted on the planet.

Now, there is plenty of bad news about the Earth. But some things remain pretty much the same, and will persist long into the future if passionate scientists, researchers, and just-plain-folk have their way.

For this 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we have a collaborative postcard from the outdoors, from Brian Mann, and Nancy Cohen of WNPR in Hartford, Conn.

Northeast environmental reporting is made possible, in part, by a grant from United Technologies, and is part of NPR's Local News Initiative  Go to full article

Naturalist Ed Kanze says "The Adirondacks" will show Americans a complex portrait

Naturalist and writer Ed Kanze, who lives in Bloomingdale north of Saranac Lake, partnered on the Adirondacks documentary. His nature essays frame each of the four chapters of the film. Kanze says he hopes Americans will grasp some of the complexities of life inside the Blue Line.  Go to full article

Book review: "Over the Mountain and Home Again"

In 1992, Edward Kanze and his wife Debbie bought an old camp on 18 acres of land bordering the Saranac River in Bloomingdale. Kanze's new book, Over the Mountain and Home Again, explores that land and the surrounding Adirondack wilderness. Betsy Kepes has this book review.  Go to full article

Ed Kanze: Indian Summer in the North Woods

Ed Kanze is one of the most prolific nature writers in the Adirondacks. His columns appear in a dozen newspapers and magazines, including Adirondack Life and the Adirondack Explorer. In his new collection of essays, Over the Mountain and Home Again, Kanze recounts his journeys through the Park and its seasons. In this excerpt, he describes a day in late fall.  Go to full article

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