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News stories tagged with "karen-dewitt"

The other storm in Albany

The new Governor and old legislature have been at odds lately. Conflict came to a head over the selection of the state's new Comptroller, but lawmakers are also chafing as Governor Eliot Spitzer pushes hard on reforming state government. Albany reporter Karen DeWitt was stuck at home yesterday watching the snow and political storms in Albany. She spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Assessing the 2002 Gubernatorial Campaigns

Martha Foley talks with legislative correspondent Karen Dewitt about what's going on this election: the third party candidate may come in second, the incumbent gets a lukewarm endorsement from the state's biggest paper, and observers expect fewer voters at the polls than ever.  Go to full article

Albany Political Roundup

Martha Foley talks with Albany correspondent Karen DeWitt about the state budget impasse, 2002 gubernatorial race and the legislative climate.  Go to full article

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