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For Families With Disability, Help Network Means Better Life

This year, North Country Public Radio is talking with people and families who experience a wide range of disabilities. As part of our Disability Matters series, Kathy and Michaela Hannon have been keeping an audio diary about their lives in Saranac Lake. Kathy works as a special education teacher in Lake Placid. Michaela is twelve years old. She lives with spastic cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. This morning, Kathy talks about the daily support that can allow a family with disabilities to maintain a rich quality of life. Often, workers help with the most mundane chores.  Go to full article

Disability Matters: For Parents?Hope, Sadness, and Acceptance

For parents with severely disabled children, life can be a constant struggle with social service agencies, doctors, and schools. In this rural area, finding the best care for kids also often means expensive and exhausting travel. Kathy Hannon is a teacher. She lives in Saranac Lake. Her 12-year-old daughter Michaela suffers from spastic cerebral palsy. In this week's audio diary, Kathy describes a recent trip to see a specialist in Pittsburgh. She says parents like her make the journey looking for medical answers but also looking for hope.
The Hannons' audio diary series is produced by Brian Mann with technical help from Joel Hurd.  Go to full article

Disability Matters: Finding Words for Michaela's Day at School

Every morning, families across the North Country get their kids ready for school. For children with disabilities and their parents, the ritual can be far more complicated than just eating breakfast and brushing teeth. As part of our yearlong series, Disability Matters, the Hannon family in Saranac Lake is keeping an audio diary about their life. Kathy and Mike Hannon's daughter Michaela was born prematurely with spastic cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and her ability to speak is extremely limited. Kathy and Michaela take on the most important chore in getting ready for a school day: preparing to communicate with the outside world. Their audio diary was produced by Brian Mann.  Go to full article

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