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News stories tagged with "katrina"

One year later: Mississippi community thankful for Saranac Lake's help

In Laurel, Mississippi, one year after Hurricane Katrina, the clean-up is nearly complete and most homes have been rebuilt or repaired. Laurel, located 90 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, was adopted by Saranac Lake last year as part of a community-wide hurricane relief campaign. Chris Knight spoke this week with local officials in Laurel. He learned that the city is still recovering from the most damaging storm to ever hit the U.S.  Go to full article

Volunteers Give Their Break to Katrina Victims

It may be spring break, but it's not the beach, for some local volunteers spending the week in Mississippi. The group organized by Adirondack habitat for Humanity arrived in Pearlington, Mississippi Sunday. They're working with a group called "One-House-at-a-Time" that builds houses for Hurricane Katrina victims - for free. Pearlington is a little town that was pretty much flattened by Katrina - of its 800 homes, only three were livable right after the storm. But they're gaining. Chandler Ralph is CEO of Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake. She's one of the volunteers in Pearlington now. She talked with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Gas Dealer Denies Gouging

A St. Lawrence County gas station owner disputes charges that he gouged prices in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Wayne Taillon owns Wayne's Gas and Service in Madrid. He's one of four North Country service stations charged by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Monday. He was originally fined $10,500. Taillon told David Sommerstein that on Friday, September 2nd, his unleaded price was $3.25 a gallon when he placed an order from Griffith Oil for the weekend.  Go to full article

15 Retailers Fined for Sharp Rise in Gas Prices

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has imposed penalties on 15 gas stations across the state for unfair price gouging in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

"Change A Light Bulb Day" offers energy savings and seminars

Aubuchon's Hardware is partnering with United Way and Comlinks to offer 'Change A Light Bulb Day.' Selected Aubuchons will be selling low-wattage Energy Star light bulbs and giving energy saving seminars. Monday's seminar is in Malone, with other seminars next week in Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake.

Jim Britell is energy manager for the not-for-profit Comlinks in Franklin County, one of the event sponsors. He says that this is just one small example of how local non-profits and churches across the North Country are stepping up efforts this year on public education...and forging partnerships with local businesses. He told Gregory Warner that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local safety net organizations have three reasons to act with new urgency.

Change A Light Bulb Day energy saving seminars will be held from 5-6 Monday evening at Aubuchon's in Malone, Tuesday evening in Saranac Lake, and Wednesday evening at the T-L Shopping Center in Tupper Lake. Malone on Monday, Saranac Lake on Tuesday, and Tupper Lake on Wednesday.  Go to full article

Will Katrina Ease Lumber Trade War?

Hurricane Katrina may be able to do what years of squabbling, negotiations and trade panel rulings have failed to do--lift the duties on imports of Canadian softwood lumber to the U.S. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Dan Karpenchuk explains.  Go to full article

Commentary: Whose "Business" is Katrina?

Speaking from New Orleans last night, President Bush said when government fails to respond quickly to a disaster, the President is responsible for the problem and the solution. Commentator Mike Owen says that when government models itself on business, providing services becomes a liability to be avoided. Owen is a self-employed carpenter from Colton.  Go to full article

Bottling Restrictions Lifted For Katrina Victims

Officials are suspending a fight with water bottlers over diversions from the Great Lakes basin - as long as the water is used for hurricane relief. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Rick Pluta has more.  Go to full article

Gas Prices Volatile; Pols Want Action

Prices jumped another 50 cents at many gas stations yesterday. Local retailers say they're responding to volatile supply prices. New York politicians are beginning to worry that rising prices could depress sales of goods and services, bringing the economy closer to a recession. Saratoga County Republican Assemblyman Roy McDonald started a petition drive to suspend the 4 percent state sales tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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