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Lee Knight playing a mouth bow. Photo: Joel Hurd
Lee Knight playing a mouth bow. Photo: Joel Hurd

Old time Adirondack music keeps bringing Lee Knight home

Saranac Lake native Lee Knight has lived in North Carolina for many years, but the music of the region, particularly that of Keeseville's Marjorie Lansing Porter, keeps him coming back to the North Country. On a recent visit he stopped by NCPR's studio to chat with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
Ater readies the tractor and transplanter.
Ater readies the tractor and transplanter.

Grown up and growing food on their own

This week we begin a series of stories and conversations about the next generation of farmers in the North Country. We're calling it "Farmers under 40". They're young, energetic and willing to make sacrifices to be part of the farmer-foodie culture.

Community Supported Agriculture, or "CSA", is a growing trend across the region with people who like to know where their food is grown and that it's fresh. It's like subscription agriculture. Members join before the growing season begins, giving the grower the money to buy seeds and supplies. They also share in the farm's seasonal bounty.

One such CSA, Fledging Crow Vegetables, is run by Ian Ater and Lucas Christenson. Todd Moe recently visited their small farm just outside of Keeseville, south of Plattsburgh. Chances are you've seen the Fledging Crow booth at a farmers' market in the Adirondacks or Champlain Valley this summer. Ater and Christenson are both college educated, but growing and peddling spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots wasn't in their early career plans. Now in their late-20's, the two friends are committed -- physically and financially -- to dirt, sweat and feeding the North Country.  Go to full article

North Country gun-cam could become standard issue for NY police

A gun-mounted camera developed in the North Country could soon be standard equipment for police officers across New York state. The Pistol-Cam was created by Legend Technologies, based in Keeseville, in Clinton County. A state Senator who used to be a policeman says the mini cameras mounted would help collect accurate data during a shooting incident. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Keeseville firefighters awarded for Ausable Chasm rescue

This month the Fireman's Association of New York State gave their inaugural award for emergency services to the Keeseville Fire Department. The award was for a rescue last March at the Ausable Chasm. The volunteer firefighters thought they were going to a dead-on-the-scene scenario but when they climbed down the chasm in treacherous conditions they found the person was alive. They rescued the man, Dr. Charles Delise. Gregory Warner spoke with Chief Lenny Martin, one of the rescuers.  Go to full article

Keeseville Firm Wins Military Grant

A company in Essex County has won a 1.5 million dollar military research grant to develop a new kind of rifle scope. The scope would allow soldiers to take photographs during combat. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Keeseville: Tanker Crash Threatens Water Supply

A tanker truck crash early Wednesday on the Northway is threatening Keeseville's water supply. Between four and five thousand gallons of transformer oil spilled into a creek that feeds the village's main reservoir. Brian Mann has details:  Go to full article

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