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Kerry's Defeat Humbling For Region's Peace Activists

In the final weeks of the presidential campaign, Senator John Kerry expressed deep doubts about the war in Iraq. The anti-war movement -- including groups here in the north country -- rallied to support the Democrat. But their effort to defeat President George Bush failed. Though he lost in New York state and Vermont, President Bush won both the nation's popular vote and the electoral college. Polls show that, for many Americans, terrorism and moral values outweighed concerns about the war in Iraq. Many peace activists say last week's vote was devastating. As North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports, organizers here in the region are now looking to pick up the pieces.  Go to full article

Pollster Criticizes Both Presidential Contenders

Pollster John Zogby calls the 2004 presidential race the "Armageddon election". Zogby criticized both candidates for their actions during the heated race for the White House in a speech at SUNY-Potsdam Monday night. Zogby made reference to Armageddon -- the end of the world -- because of the extreme divide throughout the nation. He talked about the unique challenges of the election and examined the role of polls and polling in the American political process.  Go to full article
As Kerry and Bush battle it out, different groups examine the candidates' views on the environment.
As Kerry and Bush battle it out, different groups examine the candidates' views on the environment.

Candidate Environmental Records: John Kerry

The candidates for president and vice president have spent a lot of time talking about security, the economy, and health care. They have not spent much time talking about the environment. As part of a series on the records of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham reports on Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry.  Go to full article

Plattsburgh State Hosts Debate Discussion

A group of students, faculty and some community members at Plattsburgh State last night avoided the who-won, who-lost instant analysis of the first presidential debate. The "Debate Watch" crowd assembled by the school's Mass Communication Honorary Society watched, listened and then talked about it. Martha Foley talks with Donald McCann, a senior at Plattsburgh State and president of Lambda Pi Eta.  Go to full article

SUNY-Plattsburgh Hosts "Debate Watch"

A "rock the vote" campaign is underway on state university campuses across New York. The idea is to register thousands of students to vote in this November's election before the upcoming voter registration deadline on October 8th. SUNY-Potsdam plans a panel discussion on women's issues and civic engagement next week. Thursday night, the Mass Communications Honorary at Plattsburgh State will host the college's first ever "Debate Watch". Martha Foley talks with Donald McCann, a student at Plattsburgh and president of the honor society.  Go to full article

College Students Face Voting Hurdles

Concern is rising that college students will be turned away when they try to register to vote in their college community. Jennifer Weiser of the N-Y-U Law School says there have been incidents in five or six places where students have been denied the right to register in their college communities.  Go to full article

Candidates Play on Water Diversion Issue

Great Lakes water has become an issue in this year's presidential campaign as both candidates try to pick up valuable votes in the swing states. Both of the major party candidates say they're against diverting the water to other states, and both say their opponent has been inconsistent on the issue. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Michael Leland has more.  Go to full article

Polls: Bush Gains Ground on Kerry in NY

Two polls find that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has lost ground to President Bush in New York. Kerry still leads though, in the predominantly Democratic state. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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