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Elected officials hide behind these rigged districts, and donít really campaign. Issues are not discussed.

The politics of "non-partisan" redistricting

Former New York city Mayor Ed Koch last week launched robocall attacks on state legislators, many of them Senate Republicans. Koch says they have violated a pledge they signed to back non-partisan redistricting.
As Karen DeWitt reports, it's not just the Republicans who are wary of changes to the way New York designs its legislative and congressional district lines.  Go to full article
You either have to honor your pledge or you're, in my judgment, dishonorable.

Koch accuses Republicans of "derailing" redistricting reform

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch is accusing Senate Republicans of "derailing" redistricting reform, and breaking a pledge they made to the former mayor's reform group, New York Uprising, during the most recent election campaign.  Go to full article

Koch and D'Amato On Terrorism and Politics

Two prominent ex-New York politicians, one Democrat, one Republican, joined together to defend President Bush in the controversy of a pre-September eleventh intelligence failure. Former New York City mayor Ed Koch, and former U.S. Senator Al D'Amato, who both support Governor Pataki in his re-election bid, also had some harsh words for one of his opponents. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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