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The Muskie docked in Buffalo. Photo: Ashley Hirtzel/WBFO
The Muskie docked in Buffalo. Photo: Ashley Hirtzel/WBFO

Research vessel gives Lake Erie a check-up

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission estimates that more than 40 million people in the US and Canada depend on the Great Lakes for food, drinking water and recreation.

A state-of-the-art research vessel the "Muskie" is currently its way through Lake Erie collecting data samples for the US Geological Survey.  Go to full article

Seeking Culprits for Lake Erie Dead Zone

Back in the 1970's Lake Erie was considered dead. Too many
nutrients were flowing into the lake, causing algae blooms that used up the oxygen. Massive fish kills were one result. Until recently, scientists thought they had the problem licked. But a few years ago, researchers began to realize those conditions were returning. Zebra mussels could be one culprit, but scientists aren't sure. So the U-S EPA has launched a research ship to gather data that might help to unravel the mystery. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Schaefer reports.
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