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Mouth of a river lamprey. (Photo: Wikipedia)
Mouth of a river lamprey. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Natural Selections: Lampreys

Lampreys - are they fish or eel? Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager talk about this jawless fish with a mouth full of teeth and a sucking mouth.  Go to full article

Multimillion dollar parasite fight continues

One of the most destructive invasive species in the Great Lakes was also the first one to arrive. The sea lamprey invaded the Lakes more than a hundred years ago, and no one's been able to get rid of it. As Rebecca Williams reports, it's the only invader in the Lakes that managers have been able to control... but it takes millions of taxpayers' dollars every year to keep the blood-sucking parasite in check, and there's no end in sight.  Go to full article

Ten Threats to the Great Lakes: The Earliest Invader

This week we begin an extensive series on ten threats to the Great Lakes, with a look at some of the earliest invasive species. There are more than 160 non-native species in the Great Lakes basin. If they do environmental or economic harm, they're called invasive species. There are estimates that invasive species cost the region billions of dollars a year. David Sommerstein tells us how some of the region's earliest invaders got into the lakes.  Go to full article

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