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News stories tagged with "landfills"

Sending a city's garbage up in flames

As municipal landfills were closed and capped back in the 1980s and 90s, communities across the US built big incinerators to get rid of the trash. Some, like St. Lawrence County, decided "no" for environmental and economic reasons. But many of the massive furnaces were built, financed by bonds and waste contracts just now being paid off. Now that those debts are off the books, some municipalities are having to think, all over again, about whether burning trash makes environmental and economic sense. Sarah Hulett reports.  Go to full article

NY mandates plastic bag recycling

Under a new state law, large stores and retail or grocery store chains in New York will have to provide collection bins for used carry out bags.
Lots of supermarkets encourage shoppers to carry re-usable bags. The new law goes further, to try to make sure those plastic bags still in use are recycled. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

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