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Jefferson County Sheriff's Detective David Pustizzi speaks to dozens of community members gathered at South Jefferson High School in Adams on Wednesday.
Jefferson County Sheriff's Detective David Pustizzi speaks to dozens of community members gathered at South Jefferson High School in Adams on Wednesday.

Community meetings take aim at "bath salts" drugs

Community meetings are popping up as fast as the bizarre stories surrounding a drug known as bath salts or glass cleaner. The drugs are sold in head shops and convenience stores; they are not typical bath products or window cleaners. As Joanna Richards reports, three meetings in Jefferson County this week aimed to address the growing drug problem.  Go to full article
If you're involved in the manufacture, importation, distribution or sale of these illicit chemicals, we will come after you

Nationwide police action targets synthetic drug makers, sellers; Watertown, Syracuse shops raided

A first-ever nationwide raid on the synthetic drug industry was conducted yesterday, and hit stores in Watertown, Syracuse and around the area. As Joanna Richards reports, the raid follows a new federal law that bans many of the chemical compounds used to make synthetic drugs like bath salts.  Go to full article

State Attorney General combats prescription narcotic drug abuse

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is again pushing for legislation to create an online database to report and track the use of prescription narcotic drugs. On Wednesday, Schneiderman announced that his Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing Act, which he proposed last year, has bipartisan support in the Legislature. He also issued a report that details the growing prescription drug abuse problem in every corner of the state, including the North Country. Chris Knight has our story.  Go to full article
Anytime you move an inmate outside the facility that's a security issue, and I mean it's cost. It's huge money.

Jefferson county spends million on overcrowded jail

The state commission of corrections is citing Jefferson County's jail after an inspection yesterday.

According to the Watertown Daily Times, the jail was cited for inadequate nurse staffing and the improper housing of a medically impaired inmate.

Overcrowding at the jail has drawn the commission's attention.  Go to full article
This was all the public - and reporters - could see of the Mohawks' protest on Cornwall Island.
This was all the public - and reporters - could see of the Mohawks' protest on Cornwall Island.

Canada, Mohawks dig in heels at Cornwall border

The international bridge between Massena and Cornwall, Ontario has been closed for more than two days now. And the stand-off between Akwesasne Mohawks and the Canadian government continues. The Mohawks are peacefully protesting Canada's new policy of arming their customs officers. The policy was to have taken effect on Monday. But the officers closed the border crossing on Cornwall Island the night before, saying they didn't feel safe. As David Sommerstein reports, neither side appears ready to budge.

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Heard Up North: A trip to DMV with stickers that won't stick

If you're frustrated that your vehicle's inspection or registration sticker is peeling off the windshield, don't fret. It's not your fault, or your mechanic's, for not cleaning the glass first. The state Department of Motor Vehicles says a batch of 2010 stickers are faulty and won't adhere to the windshield. You can fix the problem with scotch tape, the agency says, or you can stop by your local DMV office to get new ones at no charge. That's what David Sommerstein did for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

North Country gun-cam could become standard issue for NY police

A gun-mounted camera developed in the North Country could soon be standard equipment for police officers across New York state. The Pistol-Cam was created by Legend Technologies, based in Keeseville, in Clinton County. A state Senator who used to be a policeman says the mini cameras mounted would help collect accurate data during a shooting incident. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Election: the race for St. Lawrence County Sheriff

We're covering a number of tight, local campaigns this election season, including the race to be St Lawrence County Sheriff. Gary Jarvis, who's held the position since 1999, is not seeking re-election. He says the sprawling geography of the county and a tight budget that prevents him from hiring more officers has strained the department's ability to patrol the roads, respond to calls, and transport inmates to and from jail. As Jonathan Brown reports, the two men vying for his seat differ in their views as to how they'd deal with these challenges.  Go to full article

Over-21 students can be pipeline for campus alcohol abuse

This week, we're looking at the issue of drinking and safety on college campuses. Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne announced last week that criminal charges are still possible following the alcohol-related deaths of two students at Paul Smiths College. Champagne says state police are still investigating the drownings of 20 year-old Sean Cornell and 18 year-old Lee Walker. The students died when their canoes overturned on Lower St. Regis Lake last month as they returned from a party. State police said drinking alcohol contributed to their deaths. Champagne said they're looking into how Cornell, Walker and other underage students at the party obtained alcohol. Yesterday, Brian Mann reported on the controversy surrounding Paul Smiths College, where five young people have died in the last three years. Brian spoke with Paul Smiths President John Mills, who says the school is working hard to keep older students from supplying liquor to friends who are underage.  Go to full article

Grand jury rules on Saranac Lake police

A grand jury is recommending disciplinary action against an unnamed "public servant" in Saranac Lake following a car crash last year that involved two village police officers. The grand jury in Franklin County is not recommending criminal charges be filed against police chief Donald Perryman, Jr., or the two policemen involved. As Chris Knight reports, the names of those under review have been sealed by the judge reviewing the case.  Go to full article

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