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Colton supervisor says too much emphasis on Rooftop Highway

Town leaders in Colton say the north country is putting too much emphasis on a so-called Rooftop Highway, and not enough on short term economic development projects. The highway idea, which some have dubbed I-98, is to build a four lane interstate from Watertown around to Plattsburgh.

Colton Town Supervisor Lawrence Patzwald says there are many ways to boost the region's economy.  Go to full article
A flooded home in Colton, May, 2011
A flooded home in Colton, May, 2011

Even with Colton damage, St. Lawrence County says it's not a disaster area

Just last week, the Federal Government declared 21 New York Counties federal disaster areas, after this spring's flooding. But St. Lawrence county was NOT one of those counties.

Turns out St. Lawrence County wasn't passed over--it hasn't yet applied for aid. County officials aren't confident there's been $336,000 in public infrastructure damage--that's the amount required to qualify for the aid.

Colton has been the most heavily affected community in the county, but most of that damage--about $800,000 in all--was to private homes. Nora Flaherty spoke with Colton Town Supervisor Lawrence Patzwald about where things stand now:  Go to full article

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