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Facing 3500 layoffs, PEF urges members to sign deal

Leaders of the state worker union, the Public Employees Federation, are waging a campaign-style effort to try to convince members to vote yes this time on a new contract. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will not give the union a third chance, and will issue layoffs in less than two weeks if the second contract is rejected. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report:  Go to full article
Unfortunately the governor feels the need to be out there threatening the jobs of our members.

Still a chance of layoffs for one state employees' union

Layoffs remain on the table for one major state worker union, after the Public Employees Federation failed to reach an agreement with the Cuomo Administration on a contract.  Go to full article
Itís a crime. What it really means is that government is failing.

State unions angry about planned Cuomo layoffs

State worker unions are decrying Governor Cuomo's plan to begin laying off nearly 10,000 state employees as early as next month. It was a week of bad news for unions, as governor Cuomo released a plan to restrict future pensions, and quietly announced the closing down of some state facilities. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
This is not acceptable for our community to cut our young energetic teachers who are our next generation of community leaders.

Tri-Lakes teachers, supporters look for equity in job cuts

School districts across the North Country are working to assemble their budgets for the next school year.

Faced with rising expenses, looming state aid reductions and the possibility of a tax levy cap, many districts are planning sweeping cuts that may include staff and teacher layoffs.

That threat has left many teachers on edge, wondering whether their jobs are secure.

In Saranac Lake, where the school district is considering layoffs for the second consecutive year, a large group of teachers showed up at a school board meeting this week to deliver a statement to school officials.

Chris Knight has details.  Go to full article

Fight expected over Cuomo layoffs

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he expects a bloody fight over his upcoming budget, but not a state government shutdown. But reports yesterday that Cuomo could recommend up to 20,000 state worker layoffs reverberated across New York. Reporter Dave Bullard has more.  Go to full article

Ti paper mill sets furlough

Officials at International Paper's Ticonderoga mill announced yesterday they've scheduled two weeks of "downtime" in May due to declining orders. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
In a year of hard choices, Melinda Little says she's focusing on community activism.
In a year of hard choices, Melinda Little says she's focusing on community activism.

A Year of Hard Choices: In a "scary time," a focus on community

This week we're launching our Year of Hard Choices project, talking about the national recession and its impact on our lives here in the North Country. One troubling trend that inspired the series has been the rapid pace of lay-offs in the North Country. Many of the region's biggest employers have slashed jobs or closed their doors for good. In some counties, unemployment already tops 10 percent, well above the national average. Last October, we profiled Melinda Little in Saranac Lake, who had been laid off from the American Management Association. Little has agreed to spend the next year with North Country Public Radio, talking and blogging about her experience and her choices. She sat down this week to talk with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Thousand Islands resort to close for winter

Another day brings more gloomy news to the North Country economy. The Riveredge resort in Alexandria Bay will close for winter, laying off 40 people until spring. It's the first time the prominent Thousand Islands resort will close for the season in almost 20 years. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Hope For Alcoa East?

State and local lawmakers are hopeful after a meeting Monday with Alcoa officials and the New York Power Authority to find ways to cut costs at Alcoa's East plant in Massena. Alcoa has told plant officials to cut $23 million from next year's budget, which could endanger the jobs of more than 125 workers. David Sommerstein talks with Ken McDonnell, mayor of the village of Massena, about the challenges the plant faces.  Go to full article

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