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News stories tagged with "legislature"

Frustrated Cuomo threatens special legislative session

With the official legislative session set to end on the 20th, lawmakers at the Capitol remain mired in disputes Thursday over a bill to legalize gay marriage, the now-expired New York City rent regulations, and a property tax cap. Meanwhile, an increasingly frustrated Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to keep the legislature in special session if they failed to act.  Go to full article
There is no reason why we should not have equality when it comes to marriage

Gay Marriage gains four supporters, goes forward to the legislature

There were some major developments on a bill to allow gay marriage in New York, as four more Senators now say they will vote yes, and Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to send a bill to the legislature.

With more Democrats now backing the measure and Senate Republicans meeting to discuss the issue today, North Country Senator Betty Little still says she'll vote No.

Karen DeWitt has our story.  Go to full article

Texting while driving will be punished more harshly, says Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll introduce a bill to crack down on texting while driving, with new punishments and penalties. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Its not an ideal bill. But it will change the way the game is played in Albany.

New state ethics reform may make investigation harder, say critics

The New York State Senate is expected to vote on an ethics package when it returns from a break on Monday.

Some government reform advocates say the structure of a new ethics commission, agreed on by Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders , may make it harder to actually investigate public corruption.  Go to full article

Cuomo seeks savings in smaller pensions

Governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced a new pension reform bill that would save money by offering diminished pension benefits to future state employees. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article
Former Vice President Cheney said it: 'freedom means freedom for everybody.' ...I want to encourage more families.

Former Republican chair lobbies for same sex marriage

Former Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman is the latest to lobby wavering GOP state senators to pass legislation legalizing same sex marriage. Karen DeWitt reports Mehlman says same sex unions are consistent with Republican Party philosophy.  Go to full article
Marriage equality is the next chapter of our civil rights story.

Gay marriage supporters and opponents make last-minute cases

Governor Cuomo's goal of achieving a property tax cap took a big step forward in recent days, but his proposal to legalize gay marriage remains mired in the state Senate. With just 11 days left in the official legislative session, both supporters and opponents are making their pitches.  Go to full article
Were talking about a property tax cap, were talking about ethics reform and cleaning up Albany...We have a lot of work to do.

NY legislature faces busy agenda for remainder of session

The New York State legislature returns May 2nd, after taking half of the month of April off for spring break. As Karen DeWitt reports, they have a busy agenda in the remaining two months of the session, including a push for a property tax cap, and gay marriage. Karen DeWitt has more from Albany:  Go to full article

Cuomo and lawmakers consider mandate relief to cut costs

Cutting the cost of government was the theme at the State Capitol yesterday, as Governor Cuomo's panel on mandate relief met, and Senators proposed ideas to lower costs for schools and local governments. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Looking back at four "wild" years in NY politics

The past four years in state government were tumultuous, as New York got not one, but two new governors, witnessed a coup in the state Senate, and endured the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. Karen DeWitt takes a look back.  Go to full article

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