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News stories tagged with "liberal"

Wanting more change on this Independence Day

On this first Independence Day of the Obama years, liberals may be feeling a sense of pride and triumph. A lot has changed since a year ago, and most of the changes are to their liking. But commentator Paul Willcott, a self-described "big government, tax-and-spend liberal" wants more: from the right, the left, and the in-between. Paul Willcott divides his time between new York City and Saranac lake.  Go to full article

Religious Leaders Blame Conservatives for Legislative Bottleneck

A group of religious leaders is calling on the New York State Senate to pass four bills that they say are being bottled up because right-wing conservatives don't like the legislation. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Commentary: "Liberal" is Not a Dirty Word

As political campaigns become more active in the run up to the elections, political labels become increasingly prominent. One's opponent is a radical, an extremist, or worse. Here's commentator Paul Willcott.  Go to full article

Students At Plattsburgh State University More Liberal Than Students Nationwide

A survey of students at Plattsburgh State University has found that the school's freshmen tend to be liberal on issues that include marijuana use and gay rights. The study suggests that Plattsburgh students are more liberal than other college students nationwide. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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