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Karen Roy co-author, <i>Acid Rain in the Adirondacks</i>
Karen Roy co-author, Acid Rain in the Adirondacks

National climate change debate builds on Adirondack fight against acid rain

This week, the US Senate will debate a landmark bill that aims to sharply cut the nation's greenhouse gas pollution. The climate change measure is modeled closely after a policy that was first used to curb acid rain in the Adirondacks. The so-called "cap and trade" system would set new limits on carbon pollution. But it would also leave industry to decide how to reach the goals. As Brian Mann reports, the measure puts the Adirondacks back at the center of the national environmental debate.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: Joseph Lieberman

In the second part of the Home State Record Project profiling the Democratic presidential candidates, we take a look at Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman. Connecticut Public Radio's Heather Claborn reports Lieberman's moderate history is not lighting a fire at home.  Go to full article

Lieberman Taps Silver as NY Campaign Chair

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman made a visit to Albany Monday, where he named Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver the New York Chair of his campaign to unseat George W. Bush. Karenn DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Joe Lieberman in Albany

Connecticut Senator Joe Leiberman visited Albany shortly after several other Democratic Presidential hopefuls addressed a rural issues forum in Lake Placid. Here are excerpts from his remarks.  Go to full article

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