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Tedra and Ted Cobb
Tedra and Ted Cobb

Swimming a mile for hospice

Dozens of swimmers will gather in Hannawa Falls for the annual "Swim a Mile for Hospice" event on Saturday. It's a non-competitive mile long swim to benefit the work hospice does in the St. Lawrence Valley. Last summer, 67 swimmers young and old took to the water at Postwood Park Beach. Todd Moe caught up with members of Team Cobb -- a father-daughter swim team -- just before a recent practice swim in the pool at St. Lawrence University. They swam last year and will be back in the water on Saturday.  Go to full article
Hot spring bacteria
Hot spring bacteria

Natural Selections: Recognizing Life

Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager talk about finding life in space. Will we know it when we see it? One clue to what it might resemble comes from life in extreme environments on Earth.  Go to full article

Commentary: Life as an Adventure

Life's adventures don't all require travel to exotic places, or participation in extreme outdoor sports. Commentator Mickey Williams is in what people call "the senior years". As she watched another generation of graduates commence their own adventures this spring, she continued her own journey of exploration in the contrasts and comforts of memory.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: What Life Is

Martha Foley asks Dr. Curt Stager to explain, if not the meaning of life, then what we mean when we say the word "life."  Go to full article

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