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News stories tagged with "literature"

Book review: "Wild Punch" by Creston Lea

Creston Lea builds custom electric guitars in Burlington. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop. Betsy Kepes reviews Wild Punch, Lea's book of linked short stories.  Go to full article

Books: "Green Fields"

Crime, punishment and boyhood memories are explored in the third book by a Canton writer. Bob Cowser, Jr teaches non-fiction writing and literature at St. Lawrence University. Part memoir, investigative journalism and cultural study, Green Fields, focuses on the 1979 murder of one of Cowser's grade school classmates and the execution of her killer twenty years later. Todd Moe spoke with Cowser about his retelling of a gruesome murder.  Go to full article

Learning to love farming, dirt and all

There are urban folks who spend weekends and summers on upstate New York farms. They're taken by the part-time charm of rural life. Then there are those, like Kristin Kimball, who give up the big city completely and fall in love with life in the country. Kimball was a freelance writer in New York City. Then she met a young farmer, and on an impulse, traded city bustle for the chance to live closer to the earth. Since 2003, Kristin and her husband Mark have run Essex Farms, a CSA among the rolling hills above Essex, New York. Todd Moe toured their farm this summer, during the peak harvest season, and talked with Kristin about her new book, The Dirty Life - On Farming, Food and Love. It chronicles the Kimballs' challenges and joys during the first year on their Champlain Valley farm.  Go to full article

Book review: "The Errand Boy"

Not all thrillers are set in New York City or Chicago. Don Bredes sets his new novel in a fictional tourist community in northern Vermont. Betsy Kepes has this review of The Errand Boy.  Go to full article

Twain experts remember writer and his visit to the Adks

NCPR is media sponsor for "Mark Twain in the Adirondacks", commemorating Twain's visit to Lower Saranac Lake in 1901. Scholars, authors and admirers of Twain will gather tomorrow at Guggenheim Camp to draw a more intimate portrait of the writer and humorist, and explore his lasting influence and power to provoke. Todd Moe talks with Dr. Margaret Washington, a historian at Cornell University. She'll lead a discussion about Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and give a talk titled, "Huckleberry Finn and the Reconstruction of Samuel Clemens."  Go to full article

Book review: "Goat Song"

Our book reviewer, Betsy Kepes, can't stand the taste of most goat cheese. But, she thoroughly enjoyed Brad Kessler's new book Goat Song: A Seasonal Life, A Short History of Herding, and the Art of Making Cheese. It's part memoir, part how-to and part history.  Go to full article

It takes a community to write a story

People from around the region are collaboratively writing a short story this summer. The Adirondack Center for Writing's Nathalie Costa Thill talks with Todd Moe about a new community writing project that needs your input. "Adirondack Summer Shorts: And then what Happened?" is an on-line story that invites contributions from everyone. Follow the adventures of Carl and Charlene on their summer trip to the Adirondacks. You pick up the story where a previous writer left off. Nathalie Costa Thill says art and much of writing is collaborative.  Go to full article

The search for new writing talent

New writers who want to break into the book publishing world are invited to the 2010 Adirondack Writing Summit at the Woods Inn in Inlet, August 15th-26th. It's a program designed to help aspiring writers and those who want to boost their career to new levels. It'll include daily coaching classes, one-on-one sessions with editors and publishers and interviews with bestselling authors. Todd Moe spoke with David Hazard, the summit's coordinator, who says the program is being held in the Adirondacks because it's one of the most inspiring wilderness areas in the country.  Go to full article

Readers and Writers Summer Reading Call-in

It's our annual Readers and Writers Summer Reading Call-in. Staff, guests and listeners hare the best beach reads and whatever else is on the summer reading bookshelf. Hosts Ellen Rocco and Chris Robinson are joined by book maven John Ernst. A compiled reading list will be available in a few days.  Go to full article

Book review: a primer on Asian religions

Our book reviewer, Betsy Kepes, was never quite sure how karma differed from dharma or what tradition used the yin-yang circle. She found some answers in a book by a retired minister and religious studies professor from Canton. She reviews Wade Wheelock's Considering the Asian Religions, A Guide to Understanding, Evaluating and Appreciating.  Go to full article

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