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OK Slip Falls would be protected as part of the Finch deal (Photo: C. Heilman, courtesy of Nature Conservancy)
OK Slip Falls would be protected as part of the Finch deal (Photo: C. Heilman, courtesy of Nature Conservancy)

State DEC confirms that Finch, Pruyn deal "will have to wait"

State officials have confirmed that a plan to add more than sixty thousand acres of land to the Adirondack forest preserve is on hold until the state budget crisis has passed. The massive project, known as the Finch, Pruyn deal, was hailed by Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis when it was unveiled in 2007. The state's decision leaves the Adirondack Nature Conservancy holding more than $80 million of debt. Environmentalists were angered by this week's decision. But as Brian Mann reports, some critics are questioning whether the project should go forward at all.  Go to full article

Paterson speech gets bipartisan support from North Country contingent

Most of the reforms and initiatives Gov. David Paterson outlined yesterday require legislative approval. Early reaction to his package of ethics reforms, including campaign finance reform and term limits, has been cool. But there were signs of comity yesterday. Martha Foley has reaction from the region.  Go to full article
APA chairman Curt Stiles (Source:  APA)
APA chairman Curt Stiles (Source: APA)

New APA regs: Good government or power grab?

Today in Ray Brook the Adirondack Park Agency begins a series of public hearings on new regulations for boathouses in the Park. This latest round of rulemaking comes at a time when the APA has issued a series of new regulations affecting private land and development. The rules govern everything from shoreline homes to hunting camps. Supporters say the APA is doing its job, fleshing out the guidelines that protect water quality and conserve open space. But critics say state officials are steadily expanding their power over privately-owned land without authority from the legislature. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

State Senate mired in politics, wrestles with budget & gay marriage

Last night's confusion in the state Senate caps an ugly year for the institution. First a Republican coup toppled the new Democratic majority back in June, leading to weeks of gridlock. Then Federal prosecutors charged former Republican majority leader Joe Bruno with corruption. Now, the Senate has grappled clumsily with the state's budget crisis. Brian Mann checked in yesterday with North Country Senator Betty Little, a Republican from Queensbury.  Go to full article

Sen. Little on Adirondack land purchases: ?when is enough enough??

This week, North Country Public Radio has been looking at the changing economics of big land purchases, in the Adirondacks, Vermont and across the Northeast. Land prices are down, making big parcels more affordable. But state budgets and private donations are down, too, meaning there are fewer dollars to spend on land conservation. State Senator Betty Little, from Queensbury, says it's time to re-evaluate whether more land purchases make sense, given New York state's massive budget shortfalls. Little is lobbying for additional parcels of the Finch, Pruyn land to be sold to logging companies - with conservation easements - rather than added to the Adirondack forest preserve. She spoke with Jonathan Brown.  Go to full article
State Senator Betty Little (Source:  Little website)
State Senator Betty Little (Source: Little website)

Little says her relations with Democrats took a hit in Senate coup

Adirondack bureau chief Brian Mann was in Albany yesterday and sat down with state Senator Betty Little to talk about politics in the post-coup era. They met in the Senate lounge, where Little acknowledged that the Senate's institutional credibility has been seriously damaged. She said it has been hard explaining to voters in the North Country why the Republican-led coup was a good idea.  Go to full article

Senate stalemate stalls real business

State Senate leaders are still trying to work out a power-sharing deal. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. Next Wednesday, July 1, some laws expire unless the Senate comes to an agreement and extends the measures. The Senate is scheduled to meet today at noon, and Gov. David Paterson has already planned to call the chamber into session tomorrow afternoon and again on Sunday evening if the squabbling lawmakers don't get their work done. Martha Foley spoke with Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann about what's at stake, and where North Country Senators fit into the mix.  Go to full article

Historic day carries state Sen. Betty Little back to majority

State Senator Betty Little has spoken publicly about the difficulties she has faced in recent months, after falling into the minority for the first time in her Senate career. Yesterday's events promised to return the Queensbury Republican to power and could reopen issues as diverse as the Rockefeller drug law reforms and the future of Camp Gabriels prison near Saranac lake. Little spoke with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Could gay marriage scotch Scozzafava run for House seat?

Politicians are jockeying for position in the race to replace John McHugh. The North Country congressman has been appointed to serve as Secretary of the Army. As Brian Mann, reports, one issue shaping the race could be same-sex marriage.  Go to full article

Camp Gabriels expected to close this summer

After more than two years of being on the chopping block, a minimum security prison in the Adirondacks is expected to close on July 1 under the budget agreement reached by legislative leaders and Governor Paterson over the weekend. Camp Gabriels, along with Camp Pharsalia in Chenango County and Camp McGregor in Saratoga County, will be closed if the Legislature adopts the proposed $131 billion state budget. State prison officials say the prisons have a declining inmate population and are no longer needed. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

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