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Students during Feburary lobbying effort in Albany.  (Photo: Carol Pynchon)
Students during Feburary lobbying effort in Albany. (Photo: Carol Pynchon)

Canton students reflect on advocacy effort, as they prepare to graduate

High school seniors are getting ready to graduate. For students in the A-P Government class at Canton Central, it's been a year of learning firsthand how government works. They got riled up when they learned that their school might need to eliminate things like sports and theatre, as well as jobs because of decisions in the state budget. So, they took action.

Along with a few hundred parents and school officials, they took a bus trip to Albany in February to lobby lawmakers. In the end, the state restored some money to Canton Central and other rural schools. However, the district still plans to cut programs, and more than 24 jobs.

Now that it's graduation time, the seniors have had a few months to reflect on their lobbying effort. We spoke with Susannah Sudborough and Pat McGaw who were both touched by the experience but came away with opposite conclusions about what it will mean for their own futures.

Our story was produced by Julie Grant and Natasha Haverty.  Go to full article

Albany Has Most Lobbyists: 3,842

A study has confirmed what many in Albany know anecdotally. New York has more registered lobbyists than any other state: 3,842, or 18 per legislator. The numbers are part of a new report released by the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C. To make sense of these numbers we called Blair Horner, Legislative Director of the New York Public Interest Research Group. He spoke to Gregory Warner.  Go to full article

Seniors Lobby in Albany

Senior citizens who gathered to lobby at the state capitol, were angered when all three candidates for governor cancelled their appearances, or did not respond to their invitation to address the older peoples' concerns about rising health care costs and the quality of nursing home care. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Unions & HMOs Lead NY Lobbying

The annual report by the state lobbying commission finds that health care groups and the unions dominated the list of the top ten highest spending lobbyists in New York last year. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Interest Groups Compete for Legislative Ears as Albany Session Ends

Interest groups, with bills pending before the New York State legislature, spent Tuesday fighting to be heard before the session ends next Wednesday. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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