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Cooperation, common ground sought in Long Lake

More than 160 people, from government officials to special interest groups from all spectrums, gathered in Long Lake yesterday. They set aside their differences to talk about the challenges that Adirondack communities are facing and to look for common ground. It was the second annual meeting of the Common Ground Alliance, a group that hopes to find opportunities to replace conflict with cooperation. Jacob Resneck reports.  Go to full article

Early birds returning

The calendar reads spring, but it still feels and looks like winter out there. Nonetheless, the spring bird migration is underway. There's a lot to see - backyard feeders are crowded and there are flocks overhead. Joan Collins, with Northern New York Audubon, says this is a season of transition as arctic birds migrate further north and "summer residents" return to our region to nest.  Go to full article

Local government leaders praise Finch deal

Local government leaders don't often favor big conservation deals. But the plan unveiled Thursday drew glowing reviews from town supervisors in Indian Lake and Long Lake. Town boards haven't had a chance to review the deal in detail, but Long Lake's Greg Wallace described it as a "win-win" project. He spoke with Brian Mann.  Go to full article
Bill Sandiford and Mary Ellen Dowling rehearse a scene from "The Man with Bogart's Face" in Long Lake.
Bill Sandiford and Mary Ellen Dowling rehearse a scene from "The Man with Bogart's Face" in Long Lake.

Preview: radio drama on stage in Long Lake

The Long Lake Bearfoot Players' season opener this weekend is a mystery/comedy 1940s radio show. "The Man with Bogart's Face" will be performed Friday and Saturday nights (8 pm) and Sunday afternoon (1 pm) at the Long Lake Town Hall. Todd Moe talks with co-director Natalie Cottington about the community theater production.  Go to full article

Tax ruling could "devastate" Adk, Catskill communities

A state supreme court judge has ordered New York officials to stop paying real estate taxes to municipalities for state-owned land within their borders. If it stands, the ruling could devastate towns, counties, and school districts in the Adirondacks and the Catskills that rely on the state's tax payments. The ruling, issued last month, follows a suit filed against former Governor Governor Pataki by a town supervisor in western New York. The supervisor claimed that some municipalities unfairly received the tax money, or payment in lieu of taxes, while others did not. In his ruling, acting State Supreme Court Justice Timothy Walker agreed with the argument, describing the arrangement as "palpably arbitrary." Brian Mann discussed the landmark ruling with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Amendment allows Raquette Lake well in ADK preserve

Next Tuesday, millions of New Yorkers will vote on a constitutional amendment that will determine the future of one tiny Adirondack village. The proposed change would allow the 160 residents of Raquette Lake to draw drinking water from a well that sits on the Adirondack forest preserve. The constitutional amendment is needed because most human structures are banned on state land in the six-million acre park. As Brian Mann reports, the ballot initiative represents a partnership between local government leaders and pro-environment groups.  Go to full article
Forest and water up for sale in the Adirondacks (Source:  Fountains Real Estate website)
Forest and water up for sale in the Adirondacks (Source: Fountains Real Estate website)

Nature Conservancy sells 15,500 acres in Adirondacks

The Nature Conservancy is selling more than fifteen thousand acres of land in the central Adirondacks. The $1.8 million deal involves five lakes and ponds and a half-dozen small mountains in the towns of Long Lake and Webb. As Brian Mann reports, the Nature Conservancy says the property will still be protected from further development.

NOTE: Story corrected at 11:50 am.  Go to full article

Hamilton County bucks Democratic tide

Hamilton County, in the central Adirondacks, voted a straight Republican ticket last Tuesday. It was one of only two counties in the state to do so. The other was rural Wyoming County, south of Rochester. The rest of New York -- and even much of the North Country -- voted staunchly Democratic. As Brian Mann reports, even many Republicans in this very conservative part of the state say their party has to expand its appeal.  Go to full article

Snowmobile Riders Die In Crashes

State police say two north country men died in separate snowmobile accidents over the weekend. One fell through the ice on Saturday and the other collided with a tree Saturday night. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Swedish in Long Lake? You Betcha!

Arvilla Vikstrom has been teaching Swedish language classes at Long Lake Central School this summer and fall. She has a handful of core students in the Adirondacks. She told Todd Moe that her husband and father were Swedish and she's traveled to Sweden many times.  Go to full article

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