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For the disabled, the only way they have in there is by seaplane. They took that right away...

Lawsuit challenges access to Adirondack wilderness for people with disabilities

The state of New York plans to ask a Federal judge to throw out a lawsuit which claims that environmental laws and regulations in the Adirondack Park violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The lawsuit, filed last summer, challenges rules that ban floatplane and motorized access to wilderness areas inside the Blue Line.

But as the plaintiffs look to expand their suit to target more conservation laws, the Attorney General is preparing to ask that the case be dismissed. Chris Morris has details.  Go to full article

Floatplane flights continue to Lowes Lake as wilderness expands

Floatplane flights will continue to Lowes Lake in the central Adirondacks for another three years. A plan approved yesterday by the Adirondack Park Agency allows 35 commercial tourism flights a month, most of them departing from Long Lake and Inlet. As part of the compromise, state officials have also agreed to expand wilderness protections around the lake. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article
Helms flying service (Photo:  Used by permission from Tom Helms)
Helms flying service (Photo: Used by permission from Tom Helms)

APA poised to reject continued float plane traffic on Lows Lake

The Adirondack Park Agency is expected to reject a plan put forward by state officials that would extend the use of floatplanes on Lows Lake. Motorized access to the remote mountain lake has been controversial for years. The APA board will take a final vote today. As Brian Mann reports, the fierce debate has divided state agencies and sparked disagreements among pro-environment groups.  Go to full article

APA Considers Banning Floatplanes on Lowes Lake

The Adirondack Park Agency moved a step closer on Thursday to banning floatplanes on Lowes Lake. At the meeting yesterday, the Department of Environmental Conservation presented its plan for the Bog River management area, southwest of Tupper Lake.  Go to full article

Bog River Vote Delayed

The Adirondack Park Agency commission got a first look at a new plan for the Bog River and Lowe's Lake on Thursday. The plan -- for an area near Tupper Lake -- includes a restriction on commercial floatplane use. As Brian Mann reports, the Agency won't vote on the proposal until January.  Go to full article

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