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Toughcats: Joe Nelson, Jake Greenlaw and Colin Gulley
Toughcats: Joe Nelson, Jake Greenlaw and Colin Gulley

Preview: the Toughcats in Lowville

The members of the band Toughcats aren't strangers to rural settings. They're from North Haven, an island in Penobscot Bay, Maine, and have performed in fields, bars and boats. You'll hear their music in Lowville as part of the Black River Valley Concert series this Saturday night. Todd Moe spoke with band member Colin Gulley about the inspiration for the acoustic trio's brand of bluegrass, folk and rock.  Go to full article

A check-in with Maple Ridge wind farm

Iberdrola is one of the owners of the Maple Ridge wind farm on the Tug Hill Plateau. With 195 turbines spanning miles of ridgeline, it's the largest wind farm in the East. Bill Moore is an energy consultant for Iberdrola. Starting in the late 1990s, Moore was the man who went door-to-door to persuade local residents to welcome wind power. Today the project has been producing electricity for almost three years. David Sommerstein asked Bill Moore how it's been going. They talk about megawatts, bird and bat mortality, and the vicious debate over wind power in the North Country.

Since their conversation, the New York Times reported that Maple Ridge has been forced to shut down sometimes because regional electric lines have been too congested to send the power downstate. Moore wouldn't talk about the article on tape. But he did confirm that Maple Ridge has had to shut down its turbines "about half a dozen times a year." Moore said that happens during the spring and fall, when electricity demand is lowest. He said as more wind farms come online in Clinton and Jefferson Counties, the problem could get worse. He agreed with the basic premise of the Times story, that wind energy is hampered by "insufficient grid capacity" to deliver electricity from where the wind blows to where the most people are.  Go to full article

Life beneath the Tug Hill wind turbines

The northern chunk of the North Country is deep in the trenches of America's debate over wind power. Global energy firms want to erect several hundred new giant windmills from Cape Vincent in the West to Clinton County in the East. The promise of renewable energy and a whole lot of money has crashed into worries about views, noise, birds, bats, property values - you name it. We've reported extensively on the pros- and cons- of wind power. You can listen to our ongoing coverage on our website, Today we look at the life on - or maybe under - an industrial-size wind farm. The Maple Ridge wind farm's 195 turbines have been spinning out power on the Tug Hill Plateau for almost three years now. David Sommerstein knocked on doors of the wind farm's human neighbors.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Changing the gas price

The price of a regular gallon of gasoline has dipped below $3.90 in many parts of the North Country. That means gas station employees are scrambling out with a pole and suction cup to change the prices every day. David Sommerstein has this Heard Up North from the Sunoco station in Lowville.  Go to full article

ESL classes in demand in North Country

Literacy of Northern New York is seeking volunteers to teach English as a second language classes. The not-for-profit is trying to keep up with a growing number of military and academic spouses and farmworkers who want to learn English in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties. Deborah Tate runs the organization's ESL program. She told David Sommerstein the students come from all over the world.

You can volunteer to be a tutor by calling 782-4270 in Jefferson and Lewis counties, and 265-0194 in St. Lawrence county.  Go to full article

Preview: music inspired by dreams

The much-traveled married musical duo of Pete and Maura Kennedy will give a concert this Saturday night (8 pm) in Lowville, as part of the Black River Valley Concert Series. Their concert, at the Lewis County Historical Society building, will include music from their latest cd, Better Dreams. Todd Moe spoke with Pete Kennedy about their brand of folk-rock music, and the mix of philosophy, spirituality and love in their newest music.  Go to full article
Maria Zemantauski
Maria Zemantauski

Preview: flamenco guitar in Lowville

Here's a sure cure for cabin fever -- live flamenco guitar, percussion and dance! The Black River Valley Concert Series and Lewis County Historical Society are sponsoring an evening of flamenco music with guitarist Maria Zemantauski and friends. Maria is one of the world's few heralded female flamenco guitarists, and one of even fewer female flamenco composers. She has performed in Spain and across the US. Todd Moe talks with her about Saturday night's concert in Lowville.  Go to full article
Lloyd's of Lowville
Lloyd's of Lowville

What would you do with a tax rebate?

The Bush Administration wants part of an economic stimulus package to include tax rebates: $800 for individuals, $1600 for couples. Officials hope the checks will induce people to spend money and boost the economy. David Sommerstein stopped by Lloyd's of Lowville Diner Monday. Amidst sizzling burgers and cups of coffee, he asked patrons what they thought of the stimulus plan, and what they'd do with their rebate check...  Go to full article

More troops to Fort Drum

The U.S. Army says it will station nearly 1,500 more soldiers at Fort Drum as a part of a broad military restructuring. The addition announced yesterday will add to a local economic boon fueled by recent growth at the base near Watertown. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Very Special Place: Lloyd's of Lowville

The classic American diner is such a revered symbol that it's common to see new restaurants designed to look like old diners. But the personal service, fair prices, great desserts and relaxed, friendly atmosphere usually let you know that you're in a diner that's been around a while, and is an important part of the community. Today NCPR and TAUNY, Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, continue our look at some very special places in the North Country. Joel Hurd and Varick Chittenden visited Lloyd's of Lowville earlier this year to find out why it's such an important part of Lewis County's largest town.  Go to full article

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