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Passengers help hoist sails on the Lynx
Passengers help hoist sails on the Lynx

Sun, wind, and cannon fire on the St. Lawrence

The Privateer Lynx is a replica of the clipper schooners that shipbuilders made in Baltimore to fight in the war of 1812. The Lynx continuously sails America's waterways as an educational vessel.

Last month, the Lynx spent a few days in the Port of Ogdensburg, before sailing on to a sold-out run in Clayton. Nora Flaherty went along on one of the Lynx's 2-hour "sailaways."  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Reestablishing the Lynx

An effort was made to reintroduce the lynx into the Adirondacks, where the native population had gone extinct, but its habitat was still largely intact. Most of the imported felines were killed along roads as they dispersed over surprisely wide areas. Martha Foley, who thinks she saw one of the rare predators, asks Dr. Curt Stager for an update.  Go to full article

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