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On a school night, what are kids doing out at midnight, 1, 2, 3 in the morning? They should be home doing their homework.

Lyons Falls sets curfew after rash of teen crimes

The Lewis County village of Lyons Falls has voted to enact a new curfew. It prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from being in streets, parks or other public places without an adult, between 10:30pm and 6am.

There will be exemptions for young people going to and from work or a public event--but they'll only be allowed a half hour to get where they need to go. And a youth, parent or guardian found in violation of the curfew could face a fine of up to $250 and up to 15 days in jail.  Go to full article

Budget would cut 3 North Country prisons, nearly 500 jobs

For the North Country, the biggest blow contained in the Governor's budget proposal is the planned closure of three of the region's prisons. Governor Paterson wants to mothball correctional facilities in Ogdensburg, Lyon Mountain, and Moriah putting nearly 500 high paying jobs on the line. State Senators Darrel Aubertine and Betty Little said they would join the effort to save the prisons. As Brian Mann reports, today's proposal came as a terrible shock in communities already facing hard times.  Go to full article
Randy Kerr and Gordon Allen
Randy Kerr and Gordon Allen

StoryCorps: Lewis County during the Depression

Conversation by conversation, interview by interview, StoryCorps is collecting the stories and voices of our time. At permanent StoryCorps booths in New York and mobile booths traveling the country, history is being captured daily. Last summer, when a StoryCorps mobile booth stopped in Watertown, its visitors included Gordon Allen, of Lowville, who interviewed his friend Randy Kerr, a retired forest ranger from Lyons Falls, about his childhood in Lewis County.  Go to full article

Lewis Co. Manufacturer to Triple Workforce

A homespun maker of gun cleaners in Lewis County announced yesterday it is expanding its plant in Lyons Falls, creating 107 new jobs over five years. As David Sommerstein reports, homeland security contracts are fueling the growth.  Go to full article
Tim MacIntyre and his son T.J. are two of the thousands of snowmobilers who play -- and spend money -- in the North Country each winter.
Tim MacIntyre and his son T.J. are two of the thousands of snowmobilers who play -- and spend money -- in the North Country each winter.

Snowmobile Clubs' Insurance Woes; Trails Close

Snowmobile clubs in Lewis, Jefferson, and St. Lawrence counties and across New York State have had to close their trail systems after discovering their insurance policy doesn't cover snowmobile riders. The interruption comes at the height of the season that generates tens of millions of dollars for local economies. As David Sommerstein reports, irresponsible drivers are fueling a perception that the sport is too dangerous to insure.  Go to full article

Lyons Falls Paper Deal Falls Through

A deal for the sale of the Lyons Falls Paper Mill fell through last week and the scramble is on to find another buyer. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

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