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"We seem to be faced with many ghosts from the past."
- Joseph Selenski, ComLinks board president

Wracked by controversy, ComLinks intends to close

A once powerful social services agency in the North Country is now headed towards closing its doors. ComLinks, based in Malone, says attempts to survive years of theft and mismanagement appear to have failed.

As recently as three weeks ago, Comlinks was talking with local lawmakers and making plans to start over as a grassroots not-for-profit. But board president Joe Selenski says it turns out there's just too much to overcome.  Go to full article

Mistrial declared in Franklin County rape case

A mistrial was declared Friday in a high profile rape case in Franklin County. Michael Scaringe was arrested in January 2010 on charges of raping a then 13-year-old girl while he was director of the Saranac Lake Youth Center. As Chris Knight reports, the mistrial was declared after Scaringe dismissed one of his defense attorneys.  Go to full article
It's similarly complicated across the border. There's opposition and there are supporters.

Pros and cons of importing more Canadian hydro

New York imports hydroelectricity generated by giant dams on Canadian rivers. Lots of it. And some would like to see the state get more of that renewable power. But as Emma Jacobs reports in the first story of our series on New York's imports of Canadian power, there's also opposition to that idea.  Go to full article
The whole route does not, in our mind necessitate or warrant a four lane highway. - DOT

Boosters seek to push 'rooftop highway' ahead

The concept of an Interstate connecting Watertown and Plattsburgh has been the holy grail of North Country economic developers for decades. It's been so long, the so-called "rooftop highway" can seem more legend than reality.

Supporters are fighting hard to push the project into the reality column. They're calling it by a new name - Interstate 98. And they're urging the state Department of Transportation to begin an environmental review of the project. That would mean charting a precise path for the road. And it would mean studying impacts on wetlands and forests, birds and other animals, and people's homes and properties.

But the DOT isn't on board. It doesn't think an Interstate is needed to begin with. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Christopher Creviston
Christopher Creviston

Preview: a "tour de force" for saxophone

What happens when you take a wind ensemble and add the most powerful and vocal of the woodwinds? The Northern Symphonic Winds will join forces with saxophonist Christopher Creviston for a performance of Bolcom's "Concert Suite" on Saturday, October 30 in Malone. Creviston teaches at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam and has performed as soloist in front of bands and orchestras across the country. Todd Moe caught up with him in his studio at Crane to talk about the saxophone and a piece that's been called a "tour de force" for saxophonists.  Go to full article

Inmates to be excluded from North Country districts

A measure to change where prison inmates are counted when drawing political districts was slipped into the budget bills passed Tuesday night. Beginning with redistricting based on 2010 census data, inmates will be counted at their home addresses, not at the prison where they're locked up. Supporters called the change a victory for equal representation. But the North Country stands to lose more political clout. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

SLU golf course to host fundraiser for wounded soldiers

The St. Lawrence University Golf Course in Canton will host a tournament on August 13th to help raise money for wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The game of golf is being used to help improve the mental and physical condition of returning soldiers. Todd Moe spoke with Frank Dorchak, who coordinates the New York chapter of the group called "Salute the Military Golf Association". He says even non-golfers can get involved. For more information, call: 518-483-6272.  Go to full article

Group rallies to close more prisons

A group that wants to close more state prisons in New York held rallies over the weekend. "Drop the Rock" is a group that worked successfully to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws. Lead organizer Robert Gangi said in a statement that declining crime rates and inmate populations mean more correctional facilities should close.

Rallies were held in New York City, Albany and the town of Hudson, but not in the North Country where prisons in Lyon Mountain and Moriah are threatened with closure. Upstate elected representatives -- including state senators Darrel Aubertine and Betty Little -- say closing prisons would cripple rural economies that have come to rely on high-paying jobs.  Go to full article

Farmers air concerns with Aubertine

Senator Darrel Aubertine is holding informal meetings statewide to gather input for New York's agricultural policy. Aubertine chairs the Senate's agriculture committee. Aubertine says he's heard about oysters on Long Island, turf grass in the Hudson Valley, and cabbage and lettuce in western New York. At the latest meeting, Friday in Waddington, dairy topped the agenda. From labor to imports to environmental rules, dairy farmers feel they're under siege. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Down economy grows more gardeners

The number of gardeners in the U.S. is growing, due to the current economic downturn. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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