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Rally in New York City celebrating the Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. Photo: <a href="">Phil Davis NY</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Rally in New York City celebrating the Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. Photo: Phil Davis NY, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Cuomo praises SCOTUS decisions on same-sex marriage

There have been large, daylong celebrations in Los Angeles and San Francisco by supporters of same-sex marriages over the last day. They're cheering a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that settles a five-year battle against California's ban on same-sex marriage. The ruling means gay couples can start picking up wedding licenses in about three weeks.

There was a similar celebration in New York City last night over a second ruling by the court that overturned a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act. Kitty Lambert Rudd, a longtime Buffalo gay rights activist, was elated yesterday.

Lambert Rudd is President of OUTspoken for Equality. She and her partner were one of the first local couples to marry two years ago after New York State legalized same-sex marriage.  Go to full article
Couple skating in Quebec. Photo: <a href="">Etolane</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved
Couple skating in Quebec. Photo: Etolane, CC some rights reserved

Court upholds Quebec rule for common law couples

A third of all Quebec couples have "common law" partnerships - not marriages. A ruling last week in a case that's been making its way through the courts now confirms that if they split up, no one can claim alimony.  Go to full article
Jon Kovecses and Eva Redwanly
Jon Kovecses and Eva Redwanly

For Quebec's common law couples, an uncertain future

Here in New York, debate over same-sex marriage has existed for the last few years. But just across the border in Quebec, the big issue is that a lot of couples never marry at all. One third of Quebecois couples have de facto, or common law, partnerships. They live together, join their finances and have families without getting married. That's different than in the U.S., where common law relationships are fairly rare. And now, a case now making its way through the courts may change the rules for millions of unmarried Quebecois couples. Sarah Harris has more.  Go to full article
Will gay marriage be legalized in New York?
Will gay marriage be legalized in New York?

Ogdensburg shoppers weigh in on same sex marriage

This week, it's been all about same sex marriage in Albany. Supporters, led by Governor Cuomo, have been lobbying hard for a vote in the State Senate. Now they're one vote shy of passage.

According to a Siena College poll this week, 55% of New Yorkers support legalizing same sex marriage. Sarah Harris chatted with shoppers in Ogdensburg to get their opinions.  Go to full article

Another GOP senator says he'll vote for gay marriage

A bill legalizing gay marriage appears to need just one more vote to win approval in the state Senate. Republican Senator Roy McDonald said yesterday he supports the bill. Advocates say the bill contains language sought by Republicans that protects religious organizations from being forced to marry gay couples. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

State Senate mired in politics, wrestles with budget & gay marriage

Last night's confusion in the state Senate caps an ugly year for the institution. First a Republican coup toppled the new Democratic majority back in June, leading to weeks of gridlock. Then Federal prosecutors charged former Republican majority leader Joe Bruno with corruption. Now, the Senate has grappled clumsily with the state's budget crisis. Brian Mann checked in yesterday with North Country Senator Betty Little, a Republican from Queensbury.  Go to full article
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)

Supporters push, but Aubertine stands firm against same-sex marriage

Groups on both sides of the same sex marriage debate are lobbying hard in Albany. All eyes are on a handful of state senators whose vote could make the difference on the Marriage Equality Act already passed by the Assembly. State Democratic Party chairwoman June O'Neill says the bill "is very much in play" and could be brought to a vote before Albany recesses for summer. The New York Daily News Daily Politics blog reported yesterday that Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith is counting heads and may be close to having enough votes to pass the bill. One head he's not counting on is that of North Country Senator Darrel Aubertine. The Democrat from Cape Vincent is against same-sex marriage, but has been quiet on the issue lately. Yesterday, he spoke with David Sommerstein, who reports some of Aubertine's biggest supporters in St. Lawrence County are trying to change his mind.  Go to full article
Sister Jennifer Votraw (Source: Dioc. of Ogdensburg website)
Sister Jennifer Votraw (Source: Dioc. of Ogdensburg website)

For Roman Catholic leaders, same-sex marriage is a blow to marriage

A growing number of Americans see same-sex marriage as a civil right. But for the Roman Catholic Church, legalization of gay marriage represents another erosion of traditional marriage. In the eyes of the Church, the institution of marriage has already been battered by high divorce rates and by more children being born out of wedlock. Brian Mann spoke in-depth with Sister Jennifer Votraw. She's chancellor and director of communications for the Diocese of Ogdensburg.  Go to full article

Same-sex marriage: eroding an honored tradition, or a win for civil rights?

Same-sex marriage has emerged as one of the most complicated and challenging debates of our time. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

More North Country Republicans say same-sex marriage is a civil right

Lawmakers here in the North Country could provide swing votes that make or break New York's same-sex marriage bill. North Country Public Radio spent the last week talking in depth with every member of our region's Albany delegation. A growing number of the region's politicians, Republicans as well as Democrats, see gay marriage as a civil right. But as Brian Mann reports, opposition from three key state Senators could doom the measure.  Go to full article

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