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The Locks. Photo: Jennifer McCluskey
The Locks. Photo: Jennifer McCluskey

Five-statistician family writes improbable textbook

Statistics isn't exactly the sexiest subject in school--for people who aren't mathematically inclined, taking a statistics class usually means doing a lot of equations that don't seem to have any relevance to your life, and then then forgetting everything you learned almost immediately.

Now, a family of statisticians has written a new text book that's looking to change that reputation, by teaching statistics in a different way.

Patti Fraser Lock and her husband, Robin Lock, are both professors at St. Lawrence University--and their three grown children are also statisticians. Their book is called "Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data"--A little nod to the five co-authors. It focuses on how statistics plays out in real life situations, not just on paper.

The five Locks wrote the book over a few years, including a summer spent working in the family home in Hannawa Falls. Nora Flaherty asked Patti Lock what it was like having all her kids back home and working together.  Go to full article

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