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I think counties would probably love if the state would take over the whole costs for Medicaid. But this is a realistic approach.

NC reps reactions mostly positive on pensions, Medicaid costs and schools

Gov. Cuomo now turns his spending plan over to the legislature. Some of Albany's most powerful interests are gearing up for a fight. During the address yesterday, Cuomo again took aim at what he calls the status quo in Albany, demonizing some of its most powerful labor unions.

Cuomo admitted the reforms he envisions will be wrenching, but he said the people will be supportive. He called it "the people's agenda."

North Country representatives were generally supportive yesterday. Martha Foley has reaction to Cuomo's proposals on pension reform, relief for county Medicaid costs, and education.  Go to full article
We donít have any revenue sources that are different than revenue sources that are coming into local government.

Cuomo says no to state takeover of Medicaid

On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo rebuffed a push by counties and some state lawmakers to have the state choose the local cost of Medicaid. The health insurance program for the poor costs New York about $53-billion dollars a year. Counties pay roughly 15-percent of that. Cuomo says each level of government needs to pay its share.  Go to full article
Itís a cost that continually is increasing and it absorbs a large percentage of our property taxes that we take in.

New bill would relieve counties' Medicaid costs

Under a bill introduced Monday, New York state would begin paying counties' Medicaid costs. Counties statewide could save 7.3 billion dollars. Right now, the low-income healthcare program gets half its money from the federal government; New York state pays 25%; and counties pay 25%. In St. Lawrence county, Medicaid costs the county almost 24 million dollars annually--about 34% of total spending on social services and the largest mandated expense from the state.  Go to full article
We must thoroughly examine and reform the system to... protect the vulnerable individuals in our system...

NY Times claims "patterns of abuse" at Sunmount in Tupper Lake

Yesterday the New York Times ran a front-page investigative story about the way New York state cares for people with developmental disabilities.

A major focus of the article was the Sunmount Developmental Center in Tupper Lake, which cares for some of the state's highest risk and most demanding special-needs clients.

Reporter Danny Hakim wrote that "patterns of abuse appear embedded in the culture of Sunmount." He pointed to four episodes last year where a supervisor was accused of physical and psychological abuse.

Adirondack reporter Brian Mann spoke with Martha Foley about the article and its impact on the debate over Sunmount's future  Go to full article
This is a budget thatís not about the special interests, itís not about the lobbyists.

Albany leaders agree on budget

Almost a week before the deadline, Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders agreed to a conceptual budget plan yesterday. It cuts spending by nearly $10 billion, and does not raise any new taxes. The leaders scrapped a proposal for a continued tax on the state's millionaires. There are deep cuts to education and health care. Karen Dewitt has the details.  Go to full article
I believe if we continue doing what we're doing, the state goes down the road to ruin.

Austere budget proposes deep cuts to schools, Medicaid

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered the painful news he has been promising yesterday. He released an austere state budget that leaves no aspect of state government untouched. There are deep cuts to schools, health care, the prison and university systems, and the potential for almost 10,000 state worker layoffs. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany and David Sommerstein has reaction from North Country lawmakers.  Go to full article
If youíve got kids in school you donít want school aid cut... The practical matter is these things are where the money is.

Poll shows resistance to service cuts

Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to recommend deep cuts to schools, health care and other state services, as he puts together a budget that will try to close a $10 billion dollar deficit. But a new poll finds New Yorkers may not receive that news with open arms.  Go to full article
Dr. Nirav Shah (Photo:  NYS DOH)
Dr. Nirav Shah (Photo: NYS DOH)

New health chief promises health system reform

New York State has a new health commissioner. Dr. Nirav Shah previously ran a rural health system in Pennsylvania, and he has a record of reforming large health care systems.

Speaking after his swearing in yesterday, he said his first task is to preside over the organization of the state's most expensive in the nation Medicaid system.
Karen DeWitt reports:  Go to full article
Chandler Ralph (Source:  AMC)
Chandler Ralph (Source: AMC)

AMC exec Ralph talks in-depth about coming health care battles

Health care is likely to top the agenda of state and federal lawmakers in the coming weeks, as New York's new governor aims to reform the Medicaid system and Congress considers a measure to repeal last year's health care reform legislation.

Chris Morris sat down to talk about possible changes to the health care system with Chandler Ralph, head of Adirondack Medical Center.

Ralph says hospitals in the North Country want lawmakers to take a measured approach, and she opposes a wholesale scrapping of the Federal healthcare reform plan.  Go to full article
State Sen. Betty Little.
State Sen. Betty Little.

Little, counties look for mandate reform

It appears that state Sen. Betty Little will play a bigger role in this year's debates in Albany. On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Little, a Republican, will join his newly created commission tasked with examining unfunded and underfunded mandates imposed by the state.

In a statement, Little said unfunded mandates approved by the state legislature "push the financial burden down to the lowest rung of the ladder."

She joins a group of industry, labor and government officials. The panel was established to identify solutions to ways to reduce local taxes by cutting the costs of state programs they're charged with providing.

Many local government leaders have said that cutting mandates, especially on health care programs, is their top priority in the next session.

A 2% limit on property tax increases was another of Gov. Cuomo's key campaign issues. That could hamstring local governments struggling to balance their own budgets. Local officials said they were happy to hear the property tax cap coupled with mandate reform, but that the devil would be in the details. Emma Jacobs has more for the Innovation Trail.  Go to full article

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