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News stories tagged with "memoir"

Readers & Writers, Mary Karr, "Lit"

Memoirist Mary Karr was our guest. She talked with hosts Ellen Rocco and Chris Robinson about Lit, third in her series of personal explorations that began with The Liar's Club. Karr will read from her work at 7:30 pm tonight, September 25, in SUNY Canton's Kingston Theater.  Go to full article

Book review: "The Great Northern Express"

In the year he turned 65 and was treated for prostrate cancer, Vermont writer Howard Frank Mosher took a summer to travel around the country for a book tour, driving his twenty-year-old Chevy Celebrity. In 65 very short chapters, Mosher reflects on that trip and looks back to 1964, the first year he lived in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Betsy Kepes has this review of Mosher's new memoir, The Great Northern Express.  Go to full article
Hermit Noah John Rondeau (photo: Adolph Dittmar)
Hermit Noah John Rondeau (photo: Adolph Dittmar)

Cracking a hermit's secret code

Adirondack hermit Noah John Rondeau kept extensive journals of daily life in the wilderness. But much of it was written in code. Todd Moe talks with Dave Greene, who cracked Rondeau's coded memoirs. Greene will give a public presentation on breaking Noah John's code in North Creek on Saturday night.

Donations will be accepted for ALAP, a partnership of Protect the Adirondacks with the Adirondack Watershed Institute of Paul Smiths.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Dustin Beall Smith, Key Grip

From the NCPR studios, our guest is Dustin Beall Smith, author of Key Grip: A Memoir of Endless Consequences. Smith has led what used to be called a "checkered" life--full of ups and downs, both literal (as a skydiver) and figurative (as an alcoholic). He has a fresh wisdom and honesty. Very engaging. Ellen Rocco and Chris Robinson host.  Go to full article

Book review: "Dateline Vermont"

Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain plans to make a stop in Vermont tomrrow. The state's delegates are up for grabs March 4, all 17 of them. The entire population of Vermont is less that that of Syracuse, yet the state may be the mouse that roared in national politics. Think Jim Jeffords, Bernie Sanders, Howard dean and Patrick Leahy. A new memoir by veteran political reporter Chris Graff explores the politics the the green Mountain State. Betsy Kepes has our review.  Go to full article

Writing Contest Celebrates Nature and Memoirs

Once again this fall, NCPR and the Adirondack Center for Writing, are offering a literature award to regional writers. The "2005 Writing Contest for Young and Adult Writers" welcomes submissions from anyone over 12 years old and living in the Adirondacks and/or NCPR listening area. Nathalie Thill, Adirondack Center for Writing Executive Director, told Todd Moe that this year's contest will focus on nature writing and memoir.  Go to full article

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