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News stories tagged with "memory"

Halpern divides her time between Vermont and the Adirondacks
Halpern divides her time between Vermont and the Adirondacks

Author Sue Halpern: What we remember, why we forget

North Country writer Sue Halpern has spent decades exploring some of the most complicated tangles of science and human experience. She's written about the migrations of monarch butterflies, and the intimate experience of solitude. Her new book, Can't Remember What I Forgot, goes to the frontier of modern brain science. She decodes the way the brain stories memory and looks at new treatment for diseases like Alzheimer's. Halpern spoke this week with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Commentary: Life as an Adventure

Life's adventures don't all require travel to exotic places, or participation in extreme outdoor sports. Commentator Mickey Williams is in what people call "the senior years". As she watched another generation of graduates commence their own adventures this spring, she continued her own journey of exploration in the contrasts and comforts of memory.  Go to full article

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