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News stories tagged with "meth"

We know the other issues that have happened in other places in the country, and we want to make sure we’re ever-vigilant.

Police find remains of portable meth lab in Canton

St. Lawrence County law enforcement found what they believe is a meth lab Monday night in Canton. It's the third such find this month. North Country Public Radio's Nora Flaherty has more.  Go to full article

Jefferson County's war on drugs

This week, National Public Radio is reporting on the U.S. "war on drugs." And as we've heard, the people who make and sell illegal drugs are constantly changing their tactics, trying to stay ahead of police. Dangerous substances still get into American hands. Methamphetamine is one example. The houses where this synthetic drug are made, or "cooked," have been targeted by all levels of law enforcement. And it's worked. The meth houses that once dotted the North Country's rural landscape are now all but gone. But the drug itself remains. According to NPR, 80% of the meth in the U.S. now comes from Mexico. And this is causing new problems in the war on drugs. Jefferson County was hit hard by what some call the meth epidemic, but things are changing. Jonathan Brown talked with Sheriff John Burns about the North Country's own war on drugs.  Go to full article

First Meth Lab Found In Canton

A drug sweep across St. Lawrence County Wednesday turned up the first meth lab found in the Town of Canton. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Meth Lab Training for First Responders

Many of the safety risks from methamphetamine labs are borne by firemen, EMTs and police. The Center for Disease Control says that first responders suffer 51% of the injuries caused by meth lab accidents. Often it's because they don't know they're entering a meth lab. They respond to an emergency call without knowing that dangerous chemicals are involved. Marty Hasset directs SUNY Canton's Emergency Management Training Center. They're hosting workshops for first responders and members of the public to teach them how to recognize a meth lab. The first workshop is Wednesday, December 14th from 7-9 pm.  Go to full article

Schumer to Unveil Meth Plan in Watertown

Senator Charles Schumer will be in Watertown this morning to unveil a plan to crack down on methamphetamines, or 'crystal meth'. As David Sommerstein reports, Watertown has become a hotspot of a problem that's growing across rural New York.  Go to full article

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