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News stories tagged with "methane"

Ag department giving dairy farmers money for methane

The US Department of Agriculture is planning to give dairy farmers more money to cut some of their greenhouse gas emissions. Rebecca Williams has more.  Go to full article

Cow Manure to Power SUNY Canton

Manure is a headache for every dairy farmer. Canton Farmer Joe TeRiele says its the most expensive part of farming. Even though his farm is considered small - he has around 800 cows - those cows produce over 14,000 gallons of manure and wastewater a day.

TeRiele stores the manure and uses it for fertilizer. Starting next fall, he'll be getting electricity from the manure as well. Next-door SUNY Canton is building a methane digester on the TeRiele farm - it will supply electricity to the farm and the college.  Go to full article

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