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Clare and Carl's hot dog stand in Plattsburgh has served michigans for more than half a century. Photo: Sarah Harris
Clare and Carl's hot dog stand in Plattsburgh has served michigans for more than half a century. Photo: Sarah Harris

Michigans: a North Country delicacy

The North Country has its own special take on the hotdog: Michigans.

A Michigan is a "stick to your ribs" kind of food: A beef or pork hot dog, or sometimes a Malone-made Glazier, slathered in mustard, onions, and a rich meat sauce. The michigan first appeared in Plattsburgh in the 1920s and has a storied history in the Champlain Valley.  Go to full article

Keeping an eye on eagles

The bald eagle came close to extinction before strong measures were taken to help pull it back. The eagle was protected by the Endangered Species Act for 40 years. And the government banned toxic compounds such as DDT that caused damage to the eagles' eggs. Bob Allen caught up with researchers who are monitoring the health of the birds. They're finding the birds are still being exposed to toxic chemicals.  Go to full article

Families React to Ethan Allen Report

On Friday, Warren County sheriff Larry Cleveland issued his final report on the Ethan Allen tour boat disaster. Cleveland says there was no criminal culpability in the tragedy, which left 20 elderly tourists dead. In October, the Ethan Allen capsized on Lake George. Cleveland told reporters that he thinks the Ethan Allen was overloaded, saying "The total number of people by weight is going to far exceed the capability of the vessel." But Cleveland found that the weight was within legal limits. The case has been referred to the Warren County District Attorney's office and is still being reviewed by the National Transportation Safety Board. Nineteen of the twenty victims of the disaster lived in Michigan. Tracy Samilton, with Michigan Public Radio, found that some families were upset by the sheriff's report.  Go to full article

Lake George Boat Tragedy Report Due Soon

The Warren County sheriff says his agency soon will release its final report on the Lake George boat tragedy. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Combination of Factors Could Have Led to Ethan Allen Capsize

The company that operated the Ethan Allen on Lake George will pay a maximum fine of $100 for sailing on Sunday without enough crewmembers. 20 elderly passengers died when the 40-foot tour boat overturned. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Biologist Devotes Life to Island Wolves

It's been a cold winter this year, especially for Rolf Peterson. Peterson is a wildlife biologist who studies wolves and moose on Isle Royale. Every year starting in January Peterson spends several weeks on the island at the northernmost spot in Michigan surrounded by the frigid waters of Lake Superior. The environment is harsh, but Peterson says it's the best time to observe wild animals, and as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Gretchen Millich reports, as his research has uncovered some of our most basic knowledge about predators and their prey.  Go to full article

Region's Champion Tree Cloned for 9/11 Tribute

Tomorrow, nine trees will be planted at the Pentagon as a memorial to the victims of September 11th. The trees are clones of the nation's largest red ash. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Tamar Charney reports.  Go to full article

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