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National Guardsmen Return From Iraq Delayed

National guard officials say north country reservists won't make it home in time for a New Year's Eve ceremony at Fort Drum. A demobilization ceremony scheduled for next week is now slated for January 3rd. Families were informed this week that the 2nd of the 108th battalion ha been delayed inside Iraq. It remains unclear when the seven hundred New York soldiers will leave the war zone. Two soldiers from the Glens Falls area were killed over the last year by Iraqi insurgents. Two other reservists from other parts of New York state were also killed. A half-dozen other members of the unit were seriously wounded.  Go to full article

More Ft. Drum Deployments Bring Acceptance, Frustration

Up to 10,000 soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division, based at Fort Drum near Watertown, will rotate into combat beginning next spring or summer. Members of the 1st Brigade will go to Iraq. Soldiers in the 3rd and 4th Brigades and a headquarters company will go to Afghanistan. It's the second deployment for many of them since September 11th, 2001. As David Sommerstein reports, the orders came as no surprise, but they're stirring up some resentment.  Go to full article
Concerned forest residents gather at Michael and Lis<br />Barsuglia-Madsen's house.
Concerned forest residents gather at Michael and Lis
Barsuglia-Madsen's house.

Military Training in State Forest Upsets Residents

The public will get a chance to weigh in this week on a controversial proposal to train Fort Drum soldiers in a Lewis County state forest. The Department of Environmental Conservation will hold a meeting Wednesday night at 7 at the Harrisville Central School regarding the Jadwin State Forest. Fort Drum is undergoing a massive expansion. Military planners are seeking more places to practice complex operations and maneuvers. But as David Sommerstein reports, many locals who live near the forest say it should be left alone.  Go to full article
Investigators from a joint US-British bomb investigation team look at a bomb crater at a christian church for evidence Nov. 8.  The crater was 18 feet wide by 5 feet deep.  Photos by Bill Putnam.
Investigators from a joint US-British bomb investigation team look at a bomb crater at a christian church for evidence Nov. 8. The crater was 18 feet wide by 5 feet deep. Photos by Bill Putnam.

In the 1st Person: Enforcing the Curfew in Baghdad

During the battle of Fallujah, insurgent attacks surged in the Al Rashid district of Baghdad, where Corporal Bill Putnam of the Army's 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment is stationed. Putnam is a photojournalist David Sommerstein met in Kosovo a couple years ago. In his words, insurgents could be flushed out of Fallujah and sipping tea in his neighborhood within an hour.

Yesterday he sent us an audio diary from a patrol the night of the U.S. elections. A couple days later he went out on patrol with the 1-8th Cavalry Division - or the "1-8 Cav" - to enforce the curfew imposed in Baghdad earlier this month. Here's Putnam's audio diary from that patrol.  Go to full article
A 1-8 Cavalry soldier drives through the Abu Dasheer neighborhood of Baghdad's Al Rashid district.  Photos by Bill Putnam
A 1-8 Cavalry soldier drives through the Abu Dasheer neighborhood of Baghdad's Al Rashid district. Photos by Bill Putnam

Election Night on Patrol in Baghdad

While the country was glued to the radio or TV on election night earlier this month, thousands of American soldiers stationed in Iraq were going about their regular duties. Among them was Corporal Bill Putnam, a photojournalist with the Army's 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. I met Putnam when I reported from Kosovo in 2002. He's been sending me audio diaries of his experiences in Iraq. On election night, Putnam was on patrol in the Abu Dasheer neighborhood of Baghdad.  Go to full article

West Point Sociologist Studies Behavior in Iraq

David Sommerstein talks with Dr. Morten Ender of West Point who studied how soldiers see their temporary lives and work in Baghdad, and how Iraqis see the changes their country is undergoing. Ender speaks tonight (7 pm) in Raymond Hall at SUNY Potsdam.  Go to full article

Iraq Diary, Pt. 23: New Reservists from New York, Vermont Head to Iraq

Hundreds of New York National Guard soldiers serving with the 2nd of the 108th in Iraq have passed their one-year mark. The reservists will be returning home to the U.S. in January or February. But they'll be replaced by other reserve units from New York and Vermont that are now shipping overseas. This week as part his audio diary, Major Eric Olsen -- a chaplain from Saranac Lake -- headed to Camp Orion's internet caf to talk with Zachary Estergard, a young soldier from Syracuse who's just begun a tour of duty.  Go to full article

A Transformation at Fort Drum

Changes in the United States Army are having a profound effect on Fort Drum and the surrounding communities in Jefferson County. A new combat brigade - and a total of 5,000 new troops - are coming to Fort Drum. About half have already arrived. The soldiers and their families have flooded the real estate market. Sales and rentals have increased by 24% in Jefferson County. David Sommerstein spoke with Colonel Ray Helton, Fort Drum's garrison commander about the changes. He says before, battalions who went to Iraq or Afghanistan were cobbled together from units based all around the country. The reorganization, he says, will allow soldiers who deploy overseas together to train together.  Go to full article
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Military Families Targeted Again in Watertown

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer made a political appearance at last night's Jefferson County Democratic dinner in Watertown. Earlier in the day, he announced a settlement with a local furniture store that was charging military families illegally high interest on debts. Spitzer sued another business last month for preying on military families. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Guard Boosts Mobilizations, NY Units Affected

National Guard and Reserve soldiers are in greater demand this fall. After eight months of declining mobilizations, the Department of Defense is once again boosting the number of reservists on active duty. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

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