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Luis and Molly Perez, at home and at their wedding.
Luis and Molly Perez, at home and at their wedding.

Remembering a Clayton Soldier Killed in Iraq

Family and friends held a memorial service for 19 year-old Private Luis Perez Monday in Watertown. Perez had been in Iraq for three days when the fuel truck he was driving hit a roadside bomb in Fallujah on August 27th. He'll be buried Friday in his birthplace of East Chicago, Indiana. But he leaves behind a legacy and his 17 year-old wife in the Thousand Islands. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

State Sues 'Loan Shark' Preying on Soldiers

Last week New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announced a lawsuit against a North Country lending firm for being a loan-sharking operation that preys on cash-strapped military families. The suit alleges a company called JAG NY has defrauded hundreds of people of thousands of dollars by offering loans at illegally high interest rates. The company operates three stores called New York Catalog Sales, one in Queensbury and two near Fort Drum. David Sommerstein spoke with Attorney General spokesperson Christine Pritchard about the case. She says New York Catalog Sales takes advantage of military families with limited incomes. The complaint number is 800-771-7755.  Go to full article

Ft. Drum Growth Stresses Housing Market

The area around Fort Drum, Watertown, and beyond is on the brink of a building boom. But some say it might be more of a housing crisis. 4,200 soldiers and their families are moving to the region as the army base adds a new 3rd Brigade. The army is also beginning a $315 million renovation of its existing housing on base. That's good news for builders, realtors, and economic growth. But the influx of people may make affordable housing hard to find. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Hamming it up for the camera at the bakery.
Hamming it up for the camera at the bakery.

Audio Diary: Chatting at a Baghdad Bakery

Today we hear the sounds of the everday in Iraq, from Corporal Bill Putnam, a photojournalist with the Army's 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. David Sommerstein met Bill when he was reporting from Kosovo in 2002. Bill's stationed now at Camp Ferrin-Huggin in southern Baghdad. A few days ago he was with a unit patrolling through a run-down neighborhood of Baghdad, a couple miles from the international airport. They came upon a bakery, a hotspot for conversation and gossip, and stopped to chat. Here's Bill's audio diary.  Go to full article
18th century French reenactors assemble during a recreated skirmish at Fort Ticonderoga
18th century French reenactors assemble during a recreated skirmish at Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga in Line for Federal Grant

An Essex county historic site is one step closer to getting a $1 million dollar boost from the federal government. The spending bill that passed Congress last week and awaits the President's signature includes more than $4 million dollars for military projects in the North Country. Fort Ticonderoga Government Relations Officer Walt Lender says the federal grant would be used for construction and program development at the fort's proposed Mars Education Center.  Go to full article

Hundreds of NY Reserves Could Get Assigned to the Middle East

Hundreds of former New York soldiers could be assigned to Army or National Guard units anywhere in the country and sent to Iraq or Afghanistan this fall or winter. That's according to military officials in charge of the Individual Ready Reserve, which is undergoing its largest use since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. There are rumors that government leaders could institute another military draft. David Sommerstein asked people outside the post office in Canton if they thought there'd be a draft.  Go to full article
A-10 Warthog at low altitude
A-10 Warthog at low altitude

Military Flyovers: From Controversy to Collaboration

In the 1980s, low-level military flights elicited passionate reactions and often rancorous debate. It got so bad then-Governor Mario Cuomo created a joint citizen-military committee to resolve the problems. A toll-free hotline (800-228-3567) was set up for complaints and is still in operation today. Now the military is preparing a new plan for using North Country airspace. But this time, the dialogue with citizens on the ground is far more civil than in years past. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Atlas author Jerry Jenkins
Atlas author Jerry Jenkins

A New Adirondack Atlas, A New Vision of the Park

The new Atlas of the Adirondacks book gathers together hundreds
of maps and illustrations, with detailed text. The result is a rich, geographic portrait of the world inside the blue line. As Brian Mann reports, the Atlas joins a long tradition of Adirondacks maps that tell complex and sometimes controversial stories.  Go to full article

Fort Drum, Economy Top Jefferson County Issues

Things are looking up for people in Jefferson County, thanks in large part to Fort Drum, but the economy remains the number one concern. That's according to the results of Jefferson Community College's 5th annual community survey. David Sommerstein spoke with Joel Lalone, the survey coordinator. He says residents' general satisfaction in Jefferson County dropped sharply after the 2001 terrorist attacks and during the economic recession. This year, the sense of quality of life remains lower than it was before September 11th, but it's improving. Still, Lalone says, most people cite the local economy as the number one problem.  Go to full article

Army Base That Supports NY Reservists Hit

A deadly rocket attack hit an Army base on Wednesday that provides logistical support to New York reservists serving in Iraq. Three soldiers died at the base known as "Anaconda". The military hasn't released names pending notification of families. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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