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You can make cheese at home with just a few ingredients.
You can make cheese at home with just a few ingredients.

Raw milk and a favorite food: cheese

So, what can you do with raw milk...besides drinking it? Think...cheese. Inspired by Barbara Kingsolver's book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," Todd Moe found it's pretty easy to make delicious soft cheese, with no special equipment and just a few key ingredients. He starts with a gallon of raw milk. Forty-five minutes later, he's got a softball sized piece of home made mozzarella... It begins on the farm...  Go to full article

Aubertine says farmworker bill could pass, with changes

The New York State Senate is considering a controversial measure that would give more legal rights to New York farm workers. The bill would allow farm laborers to unionize more easily. It would also guarantee workers at least one day of rest each week and provide for overtime pay.

The bill has strong backing from a variety of labor, immigrant and religious groups, including New York's State Catholic Conference. But the bill is broadly panned in upstate agricultural areas. It's vehemently opposed by the New York Farm Bureau, which says it would quote --cripple -- New York agriculture. Upstate lawmakers from both parties are against it.

Opposition in the state Senate is led by Darrel Aubertine, a Democrat from a long line of Jefferson County dairy farmers. He made his case yesterday on The Capitol Pressroom, a daily program produced by public radio station WCNY. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Story 2.0: A family farm stays true to its mission

Today we give you another installment in our "Story 2.0" series, where we revisit a story from the NCPR news archives. This time, we check in with Ray and Stephanie Hill and their small dairy farm in West Potsdam. Here's an excerpt from a May 2008 story by reporter Kinna Ohmann.  Go to full article

Dairy farmers drowning in debt

A Congressional panel overseeing the federal financial bailout says the recession is plunging many farmers deeper into debt and parts of the agricultural economy are in crisis. The panel singles out dairy farmers as among the hardest hit. Milk prices remain at 30-year lows. North Country lawmakers are pushing legislation in Congress to help. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Gillibrand: fix "absurd" milk price

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says the way dairy farmers are paid for their milk is broken and needs to change. Farmers don't set their own price for their product. An arcane 1930s pricing system does it for them. And this year, that price has plummeted. As North Country farmers struggle to stay afloat, Gillibrand announced a plan yesterday to provide relief. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

McHugh addresses milk prices in Canton

North County Congressman John McHugh fielded a range of issues at town hall meetings yesterday in Ogdensburg and Canton. He listened to border concerns and worries over a wind project in Hammond. There was also some talk of new economic potential in Massena and Newton Falls. A group of farmers came for help with near-record low milk prices. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Milk prices plummet

Dairy farmers will tell you milk prices are a roller coaster of highs and lows. Well, right now, the price farmers are paid for their milk is plummeting down a stomach-turning slope. The price of fluid milk tumbled 5 dollars per hundredweight in a month. It's down 50% from this time last year. The drop is trickling down to consumers, too. Stewart's Shops is dropping the price of 1% milk 30 cents to $2.49 a gallon. To understand why the price of milk has fallen so far so quickly, we turn to Andy Novakovic. He's a professor of agricultural economics at Cornell University. He told David Sommerstein the basic problem is there are too many cows in the United States. He says that's causing a bottoming out of milk prices not seen in 30 years.  Go to full article

Co-op builds Amish milk houses

Last week, Heritage cheese plant in St. Lawrence County closed, leaving 65 Amish dairy farmers without a place to bring their milk. The dairy cooperative that makes Cabot and McCadam cheeses is stepping in to fill the void. Agrimark Co-op is building community milk houses in Amish country. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

A new approach to dairy farming

Some cutting edge farmers are stepping away from concentrating on only production of meat and milk on their farms. They're starting to focus on ways to give their animals healthy, long lives. And they're finding more benefits than they ever imagined. Kinna Ohman reports.  Go to full article

What?s behind the organic milk label?

Organic used to be on the fringes of mainstream culture. Not any more. Ever since the National Organic Standards went into effect five years ago, organic foods have become big business. Sales of organic products now total about $20 billion a year in the US. But that quick growth spurt is coming with some growing pains. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

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