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The Croghan Island Mill  Photo: David Sommerstein
The Croghan Island Mill Photo: David Sommerstein

Croghan dam reclassified as "low risk"

People working to save the small, historic dam in Croghan from demolition recently got something of a reprieve. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has reclassified the old concrete dam. The two-part structure on the Beaver River was previously listed as "high risk", that could cause death and serious damage if it breached. After the assessment, however, the dam is now considered a low risk structure.  Go to full article
Newton Falls Mill
Newton Falls Mill

Long-idled Newton Falls paper mill to reopen

The new owners of the Newton Falls paper mill say the plant in southern St. Lawrence County will resume production in two weeks. The plant has sat idle for seven years. Yesterday's announcement follows Governor Eliot Spitzer's decision to spend roughly $1.7 million in state funds to help pay for start-up costs. As Brian Mann reports, ninety workers have already been hired on at the mill.  Go to full article

Newton Falls mill clears EPA hurdle

Federal officials have removed a big stumbling block for the paper mill in Newton Falls, in southern St. Lawrence County. The EPA announced yesterday that it won't require the new owners of the mothballed plant to undergo a comprehensive environmental review before it starts production. As Brian Mann reports, backers now say the mill could be back in operation by this summer.  Go to full article

IP Land Deal Stuck in Local Feud, Global Restructuring

A historic deal to block development on more than a quarter-million acres of International Paper land in the Adirondacks remains in limbo. The conservation plan endorsed by Governor Pataki is caught up in a feud with local governments. It has also being complicated by IP's plan, announced this week, to sell off millions of acres of timberland worldwide. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

For New Lisbon Chipboard Mill, One Step Closer

Lisbon residents are one step closer to seeing a new chipboard manufacturing plant in their town. A Canadian lumber company announced it intends to build the plant. They would purchase the rights from Chatham Forest, which won its permit last December, after a 5-year battle with environmental groups.  Go to full article
Stewart Belkin, President of Newstech NY, Inc., stands outside the mill in Newton Falls.
Stewart Belkin, President of Newstech NY, Inc., stands outside the mill in Newton Falls.

Newton Falls Paper Mill Reopens: Economic Victory For St. Lawrence County

A Canadian company will spend more than twenty million dollars refurbishing the paper mill in Newton Falls. The plan--which will mean roughly 120 job--was unveiled Sunday at a ceremony in the village. The economy in southern St. Lawrence County was devastated three years ago when the Newton Falls mill shut down. As Brian Mann reports, many locals say yesterday's announcement was the pay-off for years of hope and hard work.  Go to full article

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