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Al Hicks inspects a bat for white nose syndrome.
Al Hicks inspects a bat for white nose syndrome.

New breakthrough in study of "white nose" bat disease

Researchers in New York state and around the country have made a major breakthrough in their study of "white nose syndrome." That's the mysterious ailment that's been killing thousands of bats (including endangered Indiana bats) in New York, Vermont, and around the Northeast. NPR's Dan Charles reported on the study; Brian Mann was in the cave with New York's top specialist, Al Hicks.  Go to full article
Lyon Mountain driller probes the seam
Lyon Mountain driller probes the seam

In Adk Iron Mine, Hard Life And Deadly Hazards

America has watched over the last week as the coal mine disaster unfolded in West Virginia. Twelve men died after an explosion rocked the underground works. Mine tragedies were once an everyday part of life here in the North Country. Iron works in the Champlain Valley and the northern Adirondacks contributed some of the highest grade ore in the country. Adirondack iron helped build the George Washington Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. But men died every year in tunnel cave-ins and accidental explosions. Brian Mann spoke with Lawrence Gooley. He's author of two books about the iron mine at Lyon Mountain in Clinton County. The latest is called "Out of the Darkness". It chronicles the story of the miners killed in Lyon Mountain over its century-long history.  Go to full article

Zinc Mines Buyer Awaits Higher Prices

A Toronto-based company is working out financing details to buy mines near Gouverneur owned by the Zinc Corporation of America. That's good news for almost two hundred people who lost their jobs a year and a half ago. But as David Sommerstein reports, the price of zinc will have to rise before the mines re-open.  Go to full article

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