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Director Reaghan Tarbell's grandmother (left) and great-grandmother in Brooklyn, c. 1940. Photo courtesy of Ida Meloche Diabo.
Director Reaghan Tarbell's grandmother (left) and great-grandmother in Brooklyn, c. 1940. Photo courtesy of Ida Meloche Diabo.

Film: A Mohawk neighborhood in Brooklyn

The First People's Festival runs this week through Sunday in Montreal. It showcases the best in art and culture from America's indigenous people. Showing tonight is a new documentary about a neighborhood in Brooklyn that was the epicenter of a community of Mohawk ironworkers in the 1940s and '50s. "Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and Back" tells the story of that neighborhood through the eyes of the ironworkers' wives, and through their descendant, Reaghan Tarbell. Tarbell directed the film. She spoke with David Sommerstein.  Go to full article
A diagram of the ballast-free ship  (Photo courtesy of Professor Michael Parsons)
A diagram of the ballast-free ship (Photo courtesy of Professor Michael Parsons)

New ship has balance without ballast

Cargo ships move sea life around the world. Many of the more then 185 invasives in the Great Lake and St. Lawrence River hitchhiked in the ballast water of the freighters. From zebras mussels to the round goby, they can cause environmental havoc. Earlier this week, David Sommerstein reported on a new technique for treating ballast water before it reaches the St. Lawrence. Called "swish and spit," it requires ships to rinse their ballast tanks with seawater offshore. The seawater kills most organisms that would live in the fresh water of the river and the lakes. But there's another idea in the works -- Lester Graham has more on why ballast water is so important, and how a new ship design could nearly eliminate the problem altogether.  Go to full article
The <i>Federal Kivalina</i>'s crew chief tests a ballast tank for invasive species
The Federal Kivalina's crew chief tests a ballast tank for invasive species

Seaway tries to close the door on invasive species

The United States and Canada are trying to figure out how to keep new invasive species out of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. 185 have already snuck in, costing the region billions of dollars a year. Many hitchhiked in the ballast tanks of foreign ships. Both countries want the public to know they're doing something about the problem. So they invited journalists to the port of Montreal to see how ballast tanks are tested for invasive species. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Adrian Carr at the NCCCA in Plattsburgh. (photo: Luke Bush)
Adrian Carr at the NCCCA in Plattsburgh. (photo: Luke Bush)

Preview: Pianist Adrian Carr in Plattsburgh

Pianist and composer Adrian Carr hosts a concert of new music tonight and Saturday night (7 pm) at the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts in Plattsburgh. Carr is launching a new cd, Finding Charlotte. Adrian Carr grew up in Buffalo and attended the Juilliard School in New York City. But his life changed in 2003 during a hiking trip in the Adirondacks, and he now splits his time between Champlain and Montreal. Todd Moe spoke with him by phone about his music, career and the nagging question, "Who's Charlotte?"  Go to full article

Bombay garment factory closes, 75 to be laid off

Seventy-five workers in Bombay -- between Malone and Massena -- will lose their jobs this summer. Gildan Activewear, based in Montreal, will close its Bombay plant there on August 17. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
New exhibition in Montreal looks at "the corn people"
New exhibition in Montreal looks at "the corn people"

Rediscovering the "Corn People" of the St. Lawrence Valley

Five centuries ago, the St. Lawrence valley, from Watertown to Quebec City, was ruled by a culture that modern anthropologists call "the corn people." When the first French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in 1534, he found bustling towns and well-ordered fields. A few decades later, when Samuel de Champlain reached the same area, the corn people were gone. Their villages were empty. Their fields were abandoned. A new exhibition in Montreal explores the mystery of their disappearance. But as Brian Mann reports, some members of the Mohawk community say the scientists and historians have the story wrong.  Go to full article

Dion chosen as Canada?s new Liberal leader

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin stepped down as head of the Liberals after the party lost to Stephen Harper's Conservatives, last January. It's taken almost a year for the party to elect a new national leader. This past weekend, 4,600 delegates converged in Montreal. Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin reports on the conventions surprising outcome.  Go to full article

Future of Music Policy Summit Convenes in Montreal

It's been said that music is a great way to get rich and a bad way to make a living. A forum this weekend in Montreal is trying to change that. The fourth annual summit of the Future of Music Coalition brings together players from all aspects of the music industry in the United States and Canada.

Much of the focus is on technology. How the web can level the playing field for musicians hoping to get their music heard. Jenny Toomey organized the event. She was formerly in the band Tsunami. She told Gregory Warner that the early days of internet music were turbulent, then there were lawsuits and lean years. But now she's optimistic.  Go to full article
A sculpture by Nader Hasan.
A sculpture by Nader Hasan.

Heard up North: From Montreal, taxidermy inspires sculpture

Nader Hasan, a 25-year-old artist from Montreal, talks about his use of taxidermy in his sculpture.  Go to full article

Northway bus crash kills 5, injures dozens

A stretch of the Adirondack Northway, between Keene Valley and Elizabethtown, was closed this morning after last night's Greyhound bus crash that killed five people, including the driver, and left nearly three dozen others injured. Todd Moe spoke with Brian Mann about the crash. Greyhound info line: 800-972-4583  Go to full article

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