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Michelle Whalen of Morristown in her Schlitz Museum.
Michelle Whalen of Morristown in her Schlitz Museum.

Heard Up North: The Schlitz museum

Some people collect stamps, some people collect Star Wars action figures. One woman in St. Lawrence County collects memorabilia from the relatively old-fashioned beer, Schlitz. David Sommerstein visited the Schlitz Museum for today's Heard Up North. There are still places to buy Schlitz in the area. Michelle Whalen of Morristown knows of all of them.  Go to full article

Preview: Mare's Wares Arts Fest in Morristown

Artisans, musicians and writers will gather Friday in Morristown for the 4th annual Mare's Wares Arts Fest. Live music starts at 1 o'clock with the Paul Baldwin Blues Band. Co-organizer Karan Cross told Todd Moe that it's an afternoon and evening of creativity and artistry along the St. Lawrence River.  Go to full article
Sgt. Jason Goodman of Morristown
Sgt. Jason Goodman of Morristown

Behind the scenes in a well-equipped Army troop

At a media briefing last Friday, Fort Drum commander James Terry updated the status of the 1st Brigade. The brigade based at the Army base near Watertown deployed to Afghanistan earlier this spring as a part of President Obama's troop surge in the country. Terry says the brigade is split in three. He says the 2-22nd is first cohesive battalion to spend all their time training the Afghan Army. Another group of soldiers is training army and local police in northern Afghanistan. And the 1-71st Cavalry is in Kandahar, the country's Taliban hotbed, attached to a Canadian battle unit. Before the 1-71st Cavalry left Fort Drum, David Sommerstein visited with a St. Lawrence County man in the unit. He's in charge of keeping his troop well-equipped. Here's his profile.  Go to full article
Potsdam Clarinet Quartet on stage at Hosmer Hall in 2007
Potsdam Clarinet Quartet on stage at Hosmer Hall in 2007

Live on Friday: The Potsdam Clarinet Quartet

Clarinetists Alan Woy, Roxanne Woy, Jill Roberts and Wally Siebel join Todd Moe in the studio to celebrate music for the clarinet. They perform a couple of chamber pieces and a Joplin rag.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence River artists celebrate creativity

A group of artisans, musicians and authors share their talents and celebrate creativity at the annual Mare's Wares Arts Fest Wednesday. More than 30 area artists will be displaying their unique works rain or shine. The event is organized by the Artisans of the River Valley. Todd Moe spoke with five of the artists, including Mary Ann Evans, who is opening her shop and property in Morristown for the daylong event.  Go to full article

Judge says Amish case can proceed

A small town on the St. Lawrence River is going forward with a legal case against eight Amish residents. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Daniel Gerlach, 11, at the wheel
Daniel Gerlach, 11, at the wheel

Heard Up North: throwing a bigger ice cream bowl

As summer residents get their last taste of lakes, rivers, and mountains for another year, they're also paying visits to their favorite North Country businesses and attractions. The Gerlach family makes an annual stop at Mare's Wares Pottery in Morristown, where the kids make their own bowls. Here's today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Books: Albert of Ogdensburg

A new book by a Morristown writer offers a brief glimpse into Ogdensburg's past and the author's family history. Todd Moe talks with Joe McDonald about his book, Albert of Ogdensburg.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County Sex Offender Returned to Prison

A sex offender from St. Lawrence County who was to have been released Wednesday has instead been returned to state prison. The man is among a group of sex offenders Governor Pataki wants to detain involuntarily after they've served their time. Last week, a judge ruled the practice is illegal. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
The U.S. Customs check-in on Heart Island by Boldt Castle
The U.S. Customs check-in on Heart Island by Boldt Castle

Border Security May Hassle Boaters

Boating season on the St. Lawrence River is still a few weeks away, but cross-border boaters and the businesses who rely on them are worried about new border security measures. As David Sommerstein reports, many boaters would have to cruise hours out of their way to comply.  Go to full article

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