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News stories tagged with "moses-saunders-power-dam"

NYPA to Revisit Hydro Dam Deal?

Two years ago, the New York Power Authority and St. Lawrence County closed a deal that ended years of negotiations. It allows the Authority to run the giant hydropower dam on the St. Lawrence River for another 50 years. In return, the county and its towns got more than $100 million and the return of 1500 acres of once-private land. Today that deal is in jeopardy. State law doesn't allow the land to be returned for free. And after Western New York got almost a billion dollars after similar negotiations over the Niagara Power Project, local officials say they've been had. As David Sommerstein reports, they want the Power Authority to return to the table, but they're not sure exactly what they want.  Go to full article

Seaway Relicensing Process Wraps Up

A report from the last meeting of the group that's been negotiating with the New York Power Authority on conditions for relicensing the Moses Saunders hydro project--David Sommerstein has reactions to the experimental, collaborative process.  Go to full article

NYPA Relicensing Yet to Address Local Concerns

NYPA needs to submit its relicensing application to federal officials in October, but local interests still haven't offered their input. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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