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News stories tagged with "mosquitoes"

Mosquitoes in the fall?

You might be enjoying the warm days this September - but experts say those high temperatures are also attracting some unwanted guests. Mosquitoes are usually gone for the year by now - but just walk outside at dusk, and you'll know they're still with us. Tim Mihuc is coordinator of the Lake Champlain Research Institute at Plattsburgh State. He with Julie Grant about how many mosquitoes might be out there, and why they're still bugging us.  Go to full article

Deadly encephalitis found in St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence County health officials don't plan to spray for mosquitoes, even though a horse has been found with the deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis. A 4-year old girl died of triple-E earlier this summer in Central New York. Oswego County health officials there sprayed to kill mosquitoes.

Sue Hathaway is director of the St. Lawrence County health department. She says Central New York has seen many incidence of the disease, so it made sense for them to spray.  Go to full article

West Nile Virus Threat Peaks in August

While the threat of contracting rabies is at an all-time low in the North Country, the dangers of West Nile virus continue. Susan Patterson, a Public Health Educator in Franklin County, says there are 90 different species of mosquitoes, but the ones that carry West Nile are most active in August.  Go to full article

Pitfalls of Spraying For West Nile Virus

The West Nile virus has claimed 28 lives and at least 550 people have been infected in the nation so far this summer. And evidence of the virus has already been found in 41 states. The carriers of the virus... mosquitoes... have been a concern and a nuisance for public health officials. Many citizens are demanding more visible action on the officials' part to get rid of the bad spraying chemicals to kill adult mosquitoes. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Annie MacDowell reports.  Go to full article

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