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Moving the World: life in the Peace Corps in Mali

When Sara Snider volunteered for the Peace Corps she had one request: an assignment in a small town. She grew up in Waddington, along the St. Lawrence River, and studied economics at Notre Dame University. But a college diploma wasn't enough. Snider is in the midst of a two-year stint in western Africa where she's helping women with literacy, marketing skills and health care. Todd Moe spoke with her from Mali about life in the Peace Corps.  Go to full article
John and Terese Hart
John and Terese Hart

Moving the World: Congo's flora and fauna as inspiration

In our occasional series, Moving the World, we meet North Country people who take their skills, expertise and resources to share with communities around the globe. Today we meet Boonville residents Terese and John Hart. They spend part of their time in the North Country, and the rest in Congo, Africa, working on land, species and habitat protection. The Harts are ecologists who first traveled to Congo in the early 70's. They've committed their lives and careers to preserving that region's environment and wildlife -- like Okapi, a forest giraffe and Bonobo, a diminutive ape. Todd Moe spoke with them about parallels with the landscape where they work in Africa and the North Country.  Go to full article

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