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Mark Barie heads UNYTEA
Mark Barie heads UNYTEA

North Country Tea Party leader urges "No" vote on health bill

Two North Country Democrats - Scott Murphy from Glens Falls and Bill Owens from Plattsburgh - are seen as pivotal figures in this weekend's health care vote. Their Yes or No vote could decide the fate of the bill being now pushed by President Barack Obama. A final decision could come as early as Sunday. Both lawmakers face intense pressure from all sides of this debate. On Saturday afternoon, Plattsburgh's tea party chapter plans to rally outside the office of Representative Owens. Mark Barie heads the group called UNYTEA - the Upstate New York Tea Party. Barie spoke last night with Brian Mann about his opposition to the Democratic plan.  Go to full article
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls)
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls)

After meeting with Obama, Rep. Murphy still on fence over health bill

The Washington Post says North Country congressman Scott Murphy is one of the five lawmakers in the country receiving the most pressure on this week's landmark healthcare vote. The Democrat from Glens Falls met one-one-one with President Barack Obama to talk about the bill. The liberal group is running ads in his district, urging the Glens Falls Democrat to vote Yes. The conservative US Chamber of Commerce is also buying TV spots, urging Murphy to vote no. Health care expected to be a central issue in this year's election in the 20th district. Murphy spoke yesterday with Brian Mann about the landmark decision and explained why he's still on the fence, despite months of debate.  Go to full article

Polls and politics: the 2010 election shapes up in New York and the North Country

Politics is in our news today. A day after Gov. David Paterson wrapped up an upstate tour to launch his election campaign, a Siena College poll showed Republican Rick Lazio pulling ahead of the Paterson in the race for governor. It also showed Lazio making making small gains against potential Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo.

It looks like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is fighting off a potential primary challenge from former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr.. The Siena poll reported Gillibrand with the support of 42 percent of Democrats, 16 percent for Ford. The former Tennessee congressman is expected to announce soon whether he'll challenge Gillibrand. Looking at a potential general election matchup, former Republican Gov. George Pataki outpolls both Gillibrand and Ford. Pataki has not indicated he will run.
(The poll surveyed 805 registered voters from last Sunday through Friday. It has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.)

Meanwhile -- the North Country's two representatives in the House will defend the seats they won just last year in special elections.
Brian Mann is Adirondack bureau chief and helps keep an eye on politics for North Country Public Radio and our blog the In-Box. He joined Martha Foley this morning for a look at New York's complicated political picture.  Go to full article

Rep. Murphy says Afghanistan mission is on track

Congressman Scott Murphy returned from a two-day trip to Afghanistan saying a plan is in place to win the war there. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Gore Management: We Want Hydropower

State officials who operate Gore Mountain ski area in North Creek say they want $20,000 to study construction of a new hydro power facility on the mountain. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls)
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls)

Rep. Murphy: Afghanistan "is not going particularly well"

Afghanistan has been a forgotten war for much of the last decade. But the worsening situation there and the growing number of American and Canadian casualties has meant a renewed debate. General Stanley McChrystal, commander of NATO forces in Iraq, has asked for 40,000 more soldiers. President Barack Obama hasn't said yet whether he'll send additional forces. This debate over Afghanistan has come home in recent weeks in the starkest possible terms, with the death of Jeremiah Monroe. But other families are concerned as well. At a town hall meeting earlier this month in North Hudson, Congressman Scott Murphy was asked about the war by the father of a soldier. Murphy, a Democrat from Glens Falls, sits on the House Armed Services Committee. Here's his response.  Go to full article
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls) works the crowd in North Hudson
Rep. Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls) works the crowd in North Hudson

Murphy pushes healthcare reform, wants public option

President Barack Obama hit the interview circuit over the weekend, drumming up support for his health care reform plan. Democratic congressman Scott Murphy from Glens Falls was also out on the stump talking about health care. He says he now supports a public option and is also interested in some kind of tort reform. Brian Mann caught up with Murphy at a meeting in North Hudson.  Go to full article

Dairy farmers drowning in debt

A Congressional panel overseeing the federal financial bailout says the recession is plunging many farmers deeper into debt and parts of the agricultural economy are in crisis. The panel singles out dairy farmers as among the hardest hit. Milk prices remain at 30-year lows. North Country lawmakers are pushing legislation in Congress to help. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Rep. Scott Murphy at the Hot Biscuit Diner (Photo: Susan Waters)
Rep. Scott Murphy at the Hot Biscuit Diner (Photo: Susan Waters)

Rep. Murphy visit Ticonderoga and finds a debate over energy & climate change

Congressman Scott Murphy (D-Glens Falls) traveled to Ticonderoga yesterday. His visit came on the heels of last week's House vote on historic climate-change legislation. Murphy, who took office less than two months ago, voted in favor of the bill. As Brian Mann reports, that decision was met with questions, criticism and praise.  Go to full article
Glens Falls Democrat Scott Murphy voted Yes
Glens Falls Democrat Scott Murphy voted Yes

Murphy, McHugh vote Yes on climate change bill; Arcuri votes No

The North Country's Congressional delegation was at the center of the debate over historic climate change legislation. A bill that would cap carbon emissions and create a trading system for pollution credits passed the House by a narrow margin on Friday. As Brian Mann reports, Republican John McHugh and Democrat Scott Murphy both voted in favor of the controversial bill.  Go to full article

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