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Heard up North: The Road with Two Names

We've been talking about place names in the north country. But what about when people try to change those names? Today's heard up north is a cautionary tale of sorts. Bobby Gordon is manager of Literacy Volunteers of St Lawrence County. Gregory Warner met her last year when he reported on a scrabble competition that Literacy Volunteers hosted. He called her back to talk about why her road in Slab City now has two names.  Go to full article

Heard up North: St Lawrence's last words

All this month on All Before Five we're decoding place names in the North Country. Linking up names to namesakes, and exploring the history of place names we say every day. Last week we started this out telling you all about St. Lawrence - the saint Lawrence - the patron saint of librarians and cooks - and a Spanish born deacon of Rome who, some 1700 years ago, was burned to death on a gridiron by an angry Roman Emperor. There's a new statue of the saint which will be erected in the Thousand Islands this fall. Turns out that's only part of the story - Gregory Warner asked our own resident local historian, poet and webmaster Dale Hobson to tell us the rest. Starting with - well, what is a gridiron?  Go to full article

Commentary: Two Things My Government Has said I Am

What's in a word? A great deal in the view of commentator Paul Willcott. Especially if the word is a name assigned by government officials to ordinary citizens.  Go to full article

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