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Lake Placid Sled Federation Taken Over by USOC

The board of the Lake Placid-based U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation voted Tuesday to accept a temporary takeover by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The move follows a turbulent winter. The federation was hit hard by sexual harassment allegations against former skeleton coach Tim Nardiello, who lives in Lake Placid, and the drug-related suspension of men's skeleton racer Zach Lund for a banned substance in a hair-restoration product he was using. USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel told the Associated Press that this was "a significant step" adding, "We want to see a governance and managerial structure that better serves the sport." This marks only the second time the USOC has been pushed to the drastic step of essentially taking over a sport's governing body. The other time was with the U.S. Taekwondo Union in 2004. Brian Mann spoke yesterday with the federation's interim executive director Terry Kent.  Go to full article

After Tough Olympics, Lake Placid Sled Teams Rebuild

Two months after a disappointing run at the Winter Olympics in Torino, the U-S Bobsled and Skeleton Federation has named a new acting director. Terry Kent is a former Olympian who has been sports director with the Lake Placid-based Federation for two years. Kent takes over following a series of scandals involving former skeleton coach Tim Nardiello. The team's top men's slider, Zach Lund, was also disqualified for using a banned hair-growth supplement. Leading women's slider, Noelle Pikus-Pace, was sidelines by injuries. The Federation accounted for a third of America's gold medals in 2002, but only claimed one silver medal in Torino. The controversy exposed deep rifts with US Olympic Committee officials in Park City. Kent told Brian Mann that he plans to rebuild and hopes to keep the organization in Lake Placid.  Go to full article

Sled Federation Fires Coach

The Lake Placid based U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation has fired head coach Tim Nardiello. Nardiello was dismissed Friday after he traveled to Switzerland last week, hoping to coach skeleton sled racers as they prepare for this week's opening of the Winter Olympics. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
Lake Placid Coach Tim Nardiello
Lake Placid Coach Tim Nardiello

USOC Bars Nardiello From Olympics, Blasts Lake Placid Sled Group

The US Olympic Committee says Lake Placid skeleton coach Tim Nardiello won't be allowed to coach the American sled team at next month's Winter Games in Turin, Italy. The decision effectively reversed the ruling of an independent arbitrator, who had ruled that sexual harassment charges against Nardiello were unsubstantiated. As Brian Mann reports, Olympic officials were also harshly critical of the Lake Placid based US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation  Go to full article

Nardiello's Suspension Overturned by Arbitrator

An arbitrator in Albany says Lake Placid Olympic coach Tim Nardiello should be allowed to return to his job with the U.S. Skeleton team. The decision found no evidence that Nardiello sexually harassed women athletes. As Brian Mann reports, the decision could clear the way for Nardiello to coach the team at next month's Olympic games in Italy.  Go to full article

Nardiello Decision Expected, Federation Replaces Exec Director

An arbitrator could decide as early as today whether Lake Placid coach Tim Nardiello should return to the US Olympic skeleton team. Meanwhile, the Lake Placid-based sled Federation has replaced its executive director just weeks before the Olympic games in Turin, Italy. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Women Struggle Without Head Coach

The U-S women's "skeleton team" struggled on Friday at World Cup qualifier races in Germany. Competing without head coach Tim Nardiello, only one American woman finished in the top-ten. As Brian Mann reports, that wasn't good enough to win a spot for a second American athlete at next month's Winter Olympics in Turin Italy.  Go to full article
Coach Tim Nardiello (Photos Source: USBF)
Coach Tim Nardiello (Photos Source: USBF)

Olympic Coach's Suspension Upheld, Top Sledder Also Sidelined

A judge in Elizabethtown refused yesterday to reinstate Olympic sled coach Tim Nardiello. Nardiello, who lives in Lake Placid, has denied charges of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. The team now faces more turmoil. Top-ranked skeleton sled racer Zach Lund has been suspended for using a banned hair restoration product that can mask steroid use. As Brian Mann reports, Lund says he's the victim of an honest mistake.  Go to full article
As Turin Olympics approach...
As Turin Olympics approach...

More Controversy For U.S. Women Sledders

A month before the Olympic Games open in Turin, Italy, two national sled teams based in Lake Placid are embroiled in controversy. The Bobsled and Skeleton Federation goes to court today in Essex County after placing a top coach on administrative leave for alleged sexual harassment. Now the Luge Association is dealing with the fall-out from a photograph of nude female athletes that turned up on a website that promotes drinking games. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Lake Placid Olympic Scandal Goes To Court

Sexual harassment accusations have shattered America's skeleton team, which captured two gold medals at the last Winter Olympics. Lake Placid coach Tim Nardiello has denied the charges, bur remains on administrative leave. Now the case is going to court in Essex County, with a court hearing scheduled for Monday. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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