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News stories tagged with "native-rights"

Oneidas turn to federal trust in land claim fight

Three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Oneida Nation's claim to land in the central New York town of Sherill. It was considered a blow to native efforts to reclaim territory lost in the 1700s, including land claimed by the Akwesasne Mohawks in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties. The ruling was especially troubling for the Oneidas, because the land in question includes their lucrative Turning Stone casino and resort. The Oneidas are now taking a different tack. They're asking the federal government to put 13,000 acres into the native trust. That would make it sovereign territory, and part of the Oneida reservation. The town of Oneida, some citizen groups, and the State of New York are trying to block the trust in federal court. David Chanatry reports. This story was first produced for the NPR program Day to Day.  Go to full article

High Court Rules Against Tax-free Imports by Mohawks

Canada's highest court ruled last week Akwesasne Mohawks on the border with New York do not have an aboriginal right to bring goods into Canada without paying taxes. Critics see the ruling as a setback for native rights in Canada. David Sommerstein reports the Mohawks aren't finished fighting for duty-free trade.  Go to full article

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