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The Wild Center
The Wild Center

In Tupper Lake, A Wild Beginning

Tupper Lake's new "Wild Center" opened yesterday. The $25 million natural history museum has been more than eight years in the making. The massive celebration was attended by some of New York state's leading politicians, as well as more than 5,000 visitors. As Brian Mann reports, they found live otters, a miniature glacier, and a town eager for a fresh start.  Go to full article
Wild Center Great Hall at night
Wild Center Great Hall at night

Interview: "Wild Center" Founder Betsy Lowe

Tomorrow in Tupper Lake, the new Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks will open its doors to the public for the first time. Billed as "The Wild Center" by its founders, the museum includes massive aquarium tanks, a live otter exhibit, and interactive displays that show the geology and ecology of the Adirondacks. Hundreds of people have donated and volunteered time to make the museum possible. But the vision came from one woman, Betsy Lowe, who hatched the idea of a new facility in 1998. Lowe -- who lives in Lake Placid and Long Lake -- gave an early tour to Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Natural History Museum Construction to Begin Sunday

The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks takes a step closer to becoming a reality this weekend. A groundbreaking ceremony for the museum will be held Sunday morning (11:30) in Tupper Lake. Museum supporters, Congressman John McHugh and Governor Pataki are expected to attend the event. Todd Moe talks with Project Director Betsy Lowe about the start of construction on the museum and tackling the biggest subject in the Adirondacks -- nature.  Go to full article

State to Support Tupper Lake Museum

For three years, a group in the Adirondacks has been raising money to build a new museum. The facility--based in Tupper Lake--would teach visitors about the Park's natural history and environment. This weekend, Governor George Pataki announced that the state will support the project with a major grant. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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